Schoolboy who plays a plug in Sainsbury’s ad trumps John Lewis ad

Now THAT’S a Christmas plug! Schoolboy who flings himself into a socket in Sainsbury’s festive ad emerges as the surprise star of the season – and fans say he outshines Sir Elton’s John Lewis effort

  • John Lewis released its long-awaited Christmas advert on Thursday  
  • Twitter claim the store ‘failed’ to beat the heartwarming Sainsbury’s campaign 
  • Said that the advert would be ‘hard to beat’ thanks to one child star 
  • Harrison Wilmot has won a legion of fans thanks to his performance as the plug

The much anticipated Christmas campaign from John Lewis was launched today starring Sir Elton John and while it moved many, it failed to win first place in the festive ad ranks according to viewers.

Twitter users claim that Sainsbury’s trumped the department store this year with its school production advert thanks to an unlikely star.

Fans have taken to social media to gush over the performance of ten-year-old Harrison Wilmot who plays the plug in the musical number.

While Tia Isaac performs a festive take on the New Radical’s You Get What You Give Harrison is seen dressed as the electrical appliance flinging himself into a socket to turn on the Christmas lights.

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Twitter users claim that they prefer Sainsbury’s Christmas advert to the John Lewis campaign all thanks to the ten-year-old boy who played the plug

The schoolboy from Rugby, Warwickshire has won a legion of fans with many agreeing that his performance has outshined Sir Elton’s, and has even been awarded his own hashtag #PlugLife.  

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Following the release of the John Lewis advert today today one Twitter user wrote: ‘To be fair it was gonna take a lot to beat the Sainsbury’s plug this year… John Lewis failed.’

Agreeing another added: ‘I love Elton but this is not a John Lewis advert, it’s an Elton advert. The Sainsbury’s advert with Plug Boy is my favourite.’

A third added: ‘Sainsbury’s ad over John Lewis for me #PlugLife’

Schoolboy Harrison Wilmot took the role of the plug and has won a legion of fans on Twitter 

Many agree that they prefer his performance to Sir Elton John’s who stars in the John Lewis campaign that was released today 

The ten-year-old boy has even got his own hashtag #PlugLife on social media 

Harrison is just one of 60 children to take part in the advert directed by Michael Gracey, who was behind The Greatest Showman.

The schoolboy has thrown himself into amateur theatre having attended acting classes since he was seven and won his age category at the Nuneaton Festival of Arts. 

Speaking of his performance Harrison said:  ‘My costume’s the plug and it’s really cool when I saw it. I was like this is confusing I’m a plug. 

‘So I’ve got to get into a socket and it’s really hard because you have to put your face on the socket kind of you’re like “ugh!”‘

Several claimed that department store John Lewis had ‘failed’ and that Sainsbury’s takes the crown for best advert this year

His mother added: ‘I didn’t know really what to expect at all. I did think he was the most adorable little plug ever. Absolutely loved it, it was great.’ 

Sainsbury’s launched its Christmas advert on Monday with the notion that ‘we give all we’ve got for the ones we love’ is at the heart of Sainsbury’s new marketing campaign, as the retailer calls on the nation to do just that this Christmas.

The film also captures genuine emotional reactions from the audience, as some of the cast’s parents are featured seeing their child perform the show for the first time. 

And while the touching advert is unique to the festive campaigns we have seen so far some viewers actually pointed out its similarities to a previous John Lewis campaign.

Sainsbury’s is the latest store to launch its Christmas advert featuring eight-year-old Tia Isaac (pictured) who performs rendition of the New Radicals’ hit, You Get What You Give in a school production 

The advert is based a round a school production called ‘The Big Night’ and sees over 60 talented children take part

At one point a youngster dressed as the Queen mimics Her Majesty’s famous Christmas Day speech 

The film also captures genuine emotional reactions from the audience, as some of the cast’s parents are featured seeing their child perform the show for the first time

The 2018 Christmas ad has been compared to the John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners commercial which aired earlier this year.

John Lewis, who unveiled its advert today, released the commercial in September which followed a similar format to Sainsbury’s, seeing a group of school children in a production of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Pointing out the likeness on Twitter one viewer wrote: ‘The advertising world equivalent of turning up to work xmas party in the same dress as a colleague.’

A spokesperson from the supermarket told ‘We started work on this in January and the thing we were really inspired about is every single school up and down the country is doing a nativity play.

‘That’s really what this is about. I don’t think you question it’s from Sainsbury’s. We’ve got black and white at the beginning, there’s orange all the way through, so I’m not worried about it.’

However, John Lewis’ Christmas campaign is a far cry from the supermarket as it tells the tale of Elton John’s career.

The £7million advert tells the tear-jerking story of his rise to fame and fortune from humble beginnings in Pinner, north London, where he was brought up by his mother Sheila and grandmother Rita.

It ends with a four-year-old Elton – then Reg Dwight – unwrapping his first piano on Christmas Day in 1951 then cuts back to the present say showing the emotional 71-year-old playing the same instrument in front of the tree.

It is followed by the slogan: ‘Some gifts are more than just a gift’ and the retailer has today started marketing pianos for £800 – the first time it has sold them for decades.

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