Sarah Ferguson & daughters are like ‘three friends’ – Princess Eugenie is most ‘maternal’

Fergie opens up about ‘phenomenal’ relationship with daughters

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Sarah Ferguson, otherwise known as Fergie, gave birth to Princess Beatrice in 1988 and Princess Eugenie in 1990. On Sunday, the Duchess of York posted an archive photo of her daughters when they were very young on her Instagram page. They were sitting on a sofa with their late grandfather, Ronald Ferguson, sitting in between them.

Fergie captioned the post saying: “Happy Father’s Day… I miss my dad.

“Fabulous ginger eyebrows and a golden heart.”

Fergie, Beatrice and Eugenie have always been depicted as a strong trio.

The Princesses of York are known to be fiercely protective of their mother, who for many years was ostracised from royal circles.

Judi James, a body language expert, previously spoke to about their relationship.

She argued that it is reminiscent of the Queen and Princess Margaret’s relationship with the Queen Mother.

Judi said: “Both sets of sisters were the children of second sons.

“Having always been so close to her own sister and her mother, it is unsurprising that the Queen has very strong bonds of empathy and understanding with her granddaughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

“Like the young Elizabeth and Margaret, Fergie’s girls have always been brought up to form a very close team of two.

“Each appeared to offer the other support and friendship throughout their lives,” the expert claimed.

How do Beatrice and Eugenie manage to maintain such a strong sisterhood?

Judi added: “Beatrice and Eugenie seem to enjoy a relationship that must have helped keep them strong in the face of all the splits and scandals that have affected their family.

“With no royal pecking order to comply with though, it always looks as though it’s the younger sister, Eugenie, who has adopted the slightly more maternal role with her sister.

“She married first and she tends to look calmer and more adult than the spontaneous and excitable-looking Beatrice,” the expert opined.

How were Beatrice and Eugenie similar to the Queen and Princess Margaret when they were children?

Judi suggested: “Like Elizabeth and Margaret, Fergie’s girls were often dressed alike as small children to emphasise their bonds and outlook on life.

“The Queen Mother’s role modelling was all about royal protocol but Fergie’s seems to have been more about freedom of expression and having fun as well as royal duty.”

Has this style of parenting from Fergie contributed to forming the close ‘trio’ of the Duchess, Beatrice and Eugenie?

Judi said: “The ‘trio’ effect of Fergie and her daughters will often look more like three friends sharing life and even partying together.

“But with Elizabeth and Margaret, the sense of duty and hierarchy underlies a lot of their poses.”

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