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EVER tried to perfect a salon blow-dry at home and failed miserably because you can't juggle the hairbrush and hair dryer combo?

The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser is here to solve that issue, promising to give you bouncy locks that a professional would be proud of.

And just like every amazing gadget, TikTok has done its job and made the Revlon hair dryer brush famous, with people everywhere posting their amazing results. I decided it was time to review it for myself.

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  • Revlon One-Step Hair Dry and Volumiser, £37 from Amazon – buy here


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Gives you a blow-dry effect
  • Affordable


  • Long-term use may damage your hair
  • Hair malts into it (like a hair brush) so have to pick it out after every use

Revlon hair dryer brush review: quick summary

After watching all the TikTokers rave about the Revlon Hairdryer, I was so excited when the Revlon Hairdryer brush arrived in the post.

It's pretty lightweight and basic design-wise which was unsurprising as it's fairly cheap in comparison to other hair styling gadgets.

But the results are just as good as pricier options. After sectioning my damp hair, I started curling with the brush and it worked just like the TikToks!

It's ridiculously easy to use which was a huge plus for me, and it only took about 15 minutes to finish, saving me time on both blow drying and straightening. The outcome is much better, too.

Revlon hair dryer brush review: full review

  • Revlon One-Step Hair Dry and Volumiser, £37 from Amazon – buy here

How does the Revlon hair dryer brush work?

Just like a classic hairdryer, you simply plug the Revlon in then decide on the power setting by sliding the switch.

Towel-dry your hair, then start by sectioning it off using clips as it's less effective if you use larger clumps of hair.

Then proceed to run the brush it through your hair, as though you're, well, brushing your hair. It's that simple.

You can curl up the ends for a bouncy blow-dry, or just run it down if you want a sleeker straight look.

In short, it's a brush that doubles as a hairdryer because heat comes out of the actual head. A genius invention.

Is the Revlon hair dryer brush worth it?

Since first trying it a good few months ago, the Revlon Hairdryer brush has become a staple part of my going-out routine.

I'm rubbish at doing hair and my mane is notoriously frizzy, so when I use a hairdryer my hair blows up and I'm forced to straighten it.

However, the Revlon Hairdryer brush is the ultimate tool for saving me time as the easiest-to-use hair gadget on the market for a blow dry effect.

If you're after that smooth, chic look that gives the impression you just stepped out of the hairdressers then look no further.

Just make sure that you use a small amount of hair for styling each time for good results. If you use a huge clump each time, you're not going to dry it very well.

It's also worth allowing your hair to dry off a bit, rather than heading into styling with dripping wet locks, and always apply heat protection serum or spray before using it.

I use it for special occasions because you are putting heat right onto your hair which can obviously cause damage. but I always love how easy it is to create bouncy waves.

My only real niggle is that my hair constantly malts into it and it's quite hard to get out if you don't remove it after every use. But for the affordable price that you pay, it's definitely worth it.

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Is the Revlon Hairdryer brush bad for your hair?

Applying heat to hair can always cause damage as it can dry it out, leaving split ends on show, which is why we recommend applying heat protection serum or spray whenever you use the Revlon Hairdryer brush.

It's not good for your hair, put it that way. However, if you make sure you are using hair masks frequently and heat protection, as well as only using it occasionally rather than every day, then you can use it without causing too much damage.

We also recommend that you avoid using it on wet hair because it means exposing your tresses to intense heat for an unnecessary amount of time.

  • Revlon One-Step Hair Dry and Volumiser, £37 from Amazon – buy here

Is the Revlon Hairdryer brush good for curly hair?

I have wavy, loosely curled hair naturally which means that styling it with a hairdryer is an immediate no-go. But the Revlon hairdryer brush worked wonders on my mane.

It's not good for achieving your natural curls. It's great for straightening or creating a blow dry, though.

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Revlon hair dryer brush review: the verdict

This could be the best value for money hair styler that I've ever come across.

It's easy-to-use, gives you a flawless blow-dry effect and saves you so much getting ready time (your partner will be happy to know).

I can't fault it, other than the fact it probably isn't too good to use on your hair a lot because you're applying heat close to it for 10-15 minutes straight.

However, if you're someone who straightens and blow-drys your hair then this is the perfect two-in-one tool. I'm definitely obsessed.

Where to buy the Revlon Hairdryer brush

Fortunately — it often sells out — the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser is available in multiple retailers.

You'll find it at Argos and Aldi on the high street, too. Take a look at the top places to shop the Revlon Hairdryer brush below:

  1. Revlon Pro Collection Salon One- Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser, £37 from Amazon – buy here
  2. Revlon Pro Collection Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumiser, now £36.99 from JustMyLook – buy here
  3. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumiser, £59.99 from Argos – buy here
  4. Revlon One Step Hair Dryer And Volumiser, £50 from Tesco – buy here
  5. Revlon Pro Collection One Step Dryer & Volumiser, £39.99 from Boots – buy here

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