‘Real life Popeye’ doesn’t go to gym but pumps monster muscles chopping trees

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    A professional arm wrestling champ with an uncanny resemblance to Popeye revealed how he maintains his monster muscles.

    Old school grandad Jeff Dabe doesn’t bother with fancy gyms and instead rolls up his sleeves and gets to work on his farm.

    And although that might not sound too thrilling, millions of people watch TikToks of Jeff doing simple tasks like picking up a table top and putting it on a stand.

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    The gentle giant has 1.3million followers on the video app and as he approaches his 60th birthday the Minnesota man continues to dominate in arm wrestling.

    And asked how he keeps fit and strong, Jeff told us: “I don’t go to no gyms. [I do] chores around the house, the hobby form, cutting trees down, building fences.

    “I have a cable machine I do a bit of work on but most of my training is just whatever is on the table and arm wrestling with other people and practising and stuff.”

    Jeff sensationally was born jacked and his hulking muscles as a tot stunned his parents.

    His astonished mum and dad even took him to the doctors but there has never been a medical explanation found to attest to his unusual size.

    But Jeff has always used his physique it to his advantage and as a high school wrestler he was nicknamed Popeye by the cheerleading team.

    He has gone on to win several big competitions and he told us people “freeze” when they see how massive he is in real life.

    “A lot of them you just kind of see them freeze for a minute,” he told us from his farm. “They don’t want to talk.

    “I will go through a drive through a drive through window and I go to hand them my money and they just kind of freeze up and it takes them a second and they will take the money or say something.

    “It’s quite funny. I know right away when someone notices me, you see it in their face and they can’t quite believe it at first.

    “I don’t mind. Little kids are the ones that are the funniest. They are not shy and they come up and ask right away which I like.”

    Jeff’s hands are so big that he can never find gloves that fit and buying clothes that are the right size has been a lifelong challenge.

    But aside from that, being strong is “always a bonus” for Jeff who wants to compete in arm wrestling for years to come.

    He has competitions coming up this summer and he joked: “They have senior classes and I will be 60 in June and if I can’t hang it with the young guys [any longer] I will just go with the old man class.”


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