Quick online money transfers from the United States to Ukraine

Perekaz24 – a joint project of the international global company with Ukrainian and Polish roots Meest Transfer24. Now you will not have problems, how to send money from the US to Ukraine. Forget the banks, because there are better alternatives. Perekaz24 ensures fast and reliable cross-border transactions. Service is focused on service and the provision of financial services for remittance of Ukrainians working and living outside the country, but who are in constant touch with loved ones in Ukraine, including the remittance format.

National flags of Ukraine and the U.S. fly at a compound of a police training base outside Kiev, Ukraine, May 6, 2016. REUTERS/Valentyn Ogirenko

 How to send money to Ukraine from the United States

Perekaz24 – convenient online money transfers in the USA. The service is available around the clock, and the money is sent instantly. The recipient can come to any bank that is a partner of the system and from your account to withdraw money without commission.

To send money to Ukraine from the United States need to:

  1. Register on the official site. Authorization customers occur in minutes without any documents.
  2. Enter the recipient information, the translation type, and the amount. If you encounter difficulties, how to send money to Ukraine from the United States will explain to you in detail technical support.
  3. After the code generated by the payment transaction should convey to the recipient.

The Commission in the amount of 1% is paid concurrently with the transfer of the transaction with a VISA card or Mastercard.

Perekaz24 – the best way to send money to Ukraine from the United States. Online marketplace for money transfers for ordinary people engaged in small regular, urgent translations. The maximum amount of transfer per month is equivalent to 2000 per day – US $ 1,000.

As a result, the recipient of Ukraine will remove dollars from a bank account. Change currency can be at any time in the most appropriate course.

Cost of the fastest and most reliable money transfer from America to Ukraine

Perekaz24 steadily gaining recognition and popularity among users. An important advantage is reliability, transfer efficiency, and the cost of system maintenance. Newly registered members a welcome bonus as a free first send money. Further payment system commission will be 1% is the lowest tariff rate among similar services on the market.

Offer to transfer money to Ukraine from the United States via Perekaz24 service, providing accurate and fast transactions, and ensuring no overpayment in international transfers.