Queen’s former chef shares method to cook the perfect bacon sandwich

For many, includingDavid Beckham, a bacon sandwich can be the perfect hangover cure.§

And for others it's a great way to start off the weekend, so who better than someone whose cooked for The Queen to explain the perfect method to create a great sandwich.

Jeff Baker, Executive Development Chef at Farmison & Co, spoke to theDaily Starabout the best way to cook the fry-up favourite.

Jeff recommends starting with a pan that's nice and hot. Once the fryer is heated up, it’s time to add the rashers and sear them on both sides.

This should create caramelisation – which makes the bacon nice and crispy and gives it a punchier flavour.

Jeff explained: "I find that the best way to cook bacon is on a medium to high heat pan with a small amount of natural fat, searing it on each side for a minute or so.

“If the bacon is properly dry cured and cut to a nice thickness, it should caramelise on the edges.”

He added: “The fat will then render without dissolving, resulting in delicious flavour.”

Jeff finds his method so foolproof that he doesn’t recommend using any sauces.

“In my opinion, if cooked this way the bacon won’t need any sauce to enhance the taste – it’ll be perfect as it is,” he said.

Just recently asuper simple home hack went viralafter being shared by bacon fans who can't believe how easy it is to avoid blocking up your sink with bacon grease by using tin foil.

All you need is a simple sheet of tin foil which, when prepared before you start cooking, promises to save you both time and money.

The hack was shared byHollyfrom Canada who says she is never going back after discovering the "genius" tip.

The video shows Holly frying some streaky bacon which leaves behind a pan of bubbling fat that needs to be disposed of.

The advice is to line your sink plug hole with tin foil before you start cooking to catch the fat which can then be disposed of once it solidifies.

By using the simple technique, the fat isn't at risk of solidifying in your pipes and creating a blockage. The lump of fat collects in the foil and can be chucked straight into the bin.

Blocked sinks can be complicated and expensive to deal with if they are left for too long.

This handy hack skips out buying expensive sink unblockers and promises to keep your pipes unclogged for the price of a sheet of tin foil.

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