Princess Eugenie’s baby is likely to ‘sparkle under pressure’, astrologer claims

Sarah Ferguson, 63, spoke to Samara García Mendez from ¡HOLA! TV about her youngest daughter, Princess Eugenie, 33.

Eugenie, who is currently pregnant with her second child, has a very near due date according to the Duchess of York.

Fergie, as she is affectionately known, said: “Well, we don’t know what it is yet. But the baby is due by the end of May, I think. So it’s any minute now.”

If Eugenie’s child is born at the end of May, or even up until June 21, it is likely that the royal baby will be born a Gemini.

Astrology experts from Top 10 Casinos previously told that Geminis tend to have an “indecisive nature”.

In addition, they are “ruled by the planet Mercury, the chatty star”. This means that Eugenie’s second child could have a “chatty” personality.

Astrology experts at OnBuy Greenhouses also spoke to about the Gemini star sign and their signature flowers.

They said: “Gemini’s sparkle under pressure, often described as the busiest and most hectic of all the star signs.

“The Gemini birth flower is Lavender, with Pink English Lavender having the potential to grow up to three feet tall.

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“This lavender grows at great speed and is covered in vibrant pink/purple and white flowers.” Therefore, as well as being “chatty”, Eugenie’s second child could be “busy” and “hectic”.

One other member of the Royal Family who was a Gemini was the late Prince Philip, who was born on June 10, 1921.

According to astrologers at Psychic World, the late Duke of Edinburgh could have had an “incompatible” relationship with the late Queen, but this was not the case.

They said: “Generally the Taurus and Gemini would be incompatible, however, the more reserved Elizabeth was smitten by Phillip’s zest for adventure.

“Both royals shared a Rising Capricorn which allowed them to put on a front of power and professionalism as the heads of the family.”

Eugenie’s oldest child, August Brooksbank, is a Pisces as he was born on February 21, 2021. According to astrology experts at Baby Centre, August and his younger sibling are likely to have a compatible relationship.

They said: “Your dreamy Pisces child easily gets lost in their vivid imagination, so they’re lucky to have a Gemini sibling.

“Whether older or younger, Gemini serves as a bright, witty focal point that connects shy Pisces to the present. In return, Pisces offers their sibling unconditional love and support.”

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