Prince Harry’s ‘overkill display’ suggests he’s ‘showing off his new life’ to Eugenie

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Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie were spotted watching the Super Bowl together over the weekend – without their spouses and children. spoke to body language expert Judi James about the cousin’s interactions over the years and the friendship that has formed in recent times. 

Judi said: “Having grown up in the most controversial branch of the royal Firm and lived with family dramas and scandals that are ongoing it’s no surprise that Eugenie and her sister have always excelled at public displays of fierce loyalty and support.

“These Super Bowl poses with Harry only emphasise a friendship that has looked strong for years then, and perhaps never stronger now that Harry has survived his own personal alienation from the royals.

“Harry and his cousin have been seen seeking one another out at royal events and sharing moments of eye contact and laughter since they were both small. 

“Some of their first poses together were taken on a ski-ing holiday together and we could see a young Harry bending down next to his small cousin to place a protective arm around her while William posed with Beatrice.” 

She added: “The cousins appeared to share a love of a party lifestyle growing up and when she wasn’t being a party-buddy, Eugenie also showed signals that hinted she might have been something of a maternal presence in Harry’s life, too.

“Their links stayed strong after Harry quit for the US: they both married in the same chapel and Eugenie moved in to Harry’s old house with husband Jack. 

“Eugenie was even mentioned by Meghan in her Ellen interview and it has seemed clear that this is another relationship for Eugenie that would survive any amount of controversy or background noises of disapproval.” 

Judi continued: “As Fergie’s daughter, Eugenie must know more than most what it is like to be outside the royal fold, even if that exit was self-inflicted as in Harry’s case. 

“Harry should have been proudly showing so many of his royal relatives around his new home in the US right now, including William and Kate. 

“But instead, thanks to rifts, he is seen taking his ever-loyal cousin to the Super Bowl and looking as proud as punch to do so.

“This is the place and the occasion when all the A-list power couples turn out to preen and pose up a storm.” 

The expert commented: “It’s the US version of Royal Ascot in terms of the highlight of the social calendar. 

“But it could be that a double-dose of royalty trumps celeb coupling-up at an event like this.

“Harry’s leg splay and his almost overkill display of relaxation suggests he’s enjoying showing off his new life to his baseball-capped cousin.

“Her eye-smile and her rather tentative hand-touch to her own leg suggest she’s suitably excited and impressed by the occasion. 

“And Harry’s wide-rounded eyes and the slight rounding of the upper cheek that is visible above the mask suggest he’s more delighted than his laid-back body position might suggest.”

Neither Meghan Markle or Jacks Brooksbank joined their respective partners. 

Princess Eugenie currently lives with Jack and baby August in Harry and Meghan’s former Windsor home, Frogmore Cottage. 

It was said Harry visited Frogmore Cottage when he returned to the UK for his grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral last year. 

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