Primark shoppers praise £1.50 gadget that lights up room

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Primark shoppers are raving about a cheap gadget that lights up the room without using any electricity.

With the cost of living crisis impacting us all, many households are on the hunt for ways to cut down on their energy usage.

So it comes as no surprise that Primark customers are praising this £1.50 battery-powered purchase.

Taking to TikTok, a woman told how the item has made “such a difference” to her home, reports The Mirror.

Rather than paying a small fortune to add built-in lighting underneath her kitchen cabinets, a cheap alternative from Primark has proved just as sufficient.

Mum, Victoria, raved about the store’s indoor strip lights that she simply stuck underneath her cupboards-and you would never know they were so cheap.

@victoriamckelvey0 electric bill is high enough������������ #primark#striplights#love#cosey#homedecor ♬ original sound – victoriamckelvey0

Amid skyrocketing bills, Victoria’s product is the ideal quick fix to have a lush home.

Captioning the post, the mum wrote: “Electric bill is high enough.”

In the video, which has surpassed a whopping 134,000 views since posting, she explained: “I got these in Primark today for £1.50!”

She continued: “They’re these strip LED lights and you just stick them on and they’ve got a battery, so you can turn them on and off.

“They literally make such a difference to my kitchen.

Stepping back to admire the work, she exclaimed: “Look! Oh my God, you need to go and get these!”

Taking to the comment section, fellow TikTokers gushed over Victoria’s incredible find-with some keen to rush into the store to purchase it themselves.

One person wrote: “Oh my god I need it.”

“They are sooooo class. I love them! so cosy,” Victoria added.

A third added: “Wow, I’ll be there first thing tomorrow morning thanks love xx.”

A different user suggested: “Perfect inside a wardrobe too.”

“Put them under the bottom cupboard… I love mine,” another suggested.

A sixth admitted: “I need these… Thank you.”

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