Pete Davidson Deleted His Social Media Accounts To Avoid ‘Horrible’ & ‘Cruel’ Online Bullies

Pete Davidson didn’t hesitate to delete his social media accounts after posting a disturbing message that worried many on Dec. 15 and sources EXCLUSIVELY tell HL it’s all because of bullying comments.

Pete Davidson, 25, doesn’t want to deal with online bullies anymore. The Saturday Night Live cast member worried many people when he took to Instagram on Dec. 15 and posted a message that said he didn’t want to be on the Earth anymore before quickly deleting his account, and now we’re learning he was tired of all the hateful messages he was receiving. “Pete feels it was in his own best interest for him to delete all of his social media at this point,” a source close to Pete EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He was fed up with dealing with all of the online bullies and trolls, and just wanted to cut out all the negativity from his life. Pete has always been very open about his struggles with mental health and thought showing his vulnerability would have helped spread awareness.”

Although Pete has the desire to help others going through similar mental issues that he’s been dealing with, when it comes to the bullying, he feels he can only take so much and his last message was enough. “Pete finally hit his limit when he posted the message about not wanting to be on this earth anymore, and people responded with horrible, cruel comments, almost encouraging him to take his own life,” the source continued. “Pete didn’t want to deal with all the hate and decided to cut it completely out of his life.”

As far as whether or not he’ll eventually go back to social media, it’s still unclear. “He needs a break from it all,” a different source told us. “And with SNL taking a little hiatus he is going to make sure he focuses on himself and what he needs to do to better himself. He appreciates all the love being shown but he also has to work on it himself. The SNL break couldn’t have come at a better time because it is an uphill battle to battle his demons but he now has the chance to get them figured out full force.”

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