People share terrible and bizarre designs ideas

What am I looking at? Social media users reveal the bizarre inventions that never should have been given the green light – from a doll’s ARM as a gear stick to a bug-shaped tissue holder

  • People from all over the world have shared pictures of terrible design ideas 
  • They include a doll’s arm used as a gear stick and a bug-shaped tissue dispenser  
  • In another, a clock was shaped to look like a bizarre stuffed squirrel 

These design ideas are so hideous, they should have never seen the light of day. 

From all over the world, people have shared examples of terrible taste on the Instagram account Ugly Design which were collated on a gallery by Bored Panda

In one picture, a clock was shaped like a stuffed flying squirrel smiling. 

In another, a pair of face piercings made it look like the person wearing them had pimples on their chin and nose. 

One snap showed a mug shaped like a corpse-like hand that only had three fingers. 

People from all over the world have shared examples of terrible design ideas on the Ugly Desgin Instagram page. Pictured: This nail art from Russia is perfect for the one who wants to brush their teeth on the go

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Pottery mishap? This terrifying mug looks like a corpse-like hand that only has three fingers for a handle 

The bizarre manual gearbox shaped like a baby or a doll’s arm in this car left critics speechless  

A normal wooden chair was extended to look like a heeled sandals. It is unknown how comfortable to contraception is 

Because who doesn’t want to take a tissue from a dispenser shaped to look like a horrifying giant insect? 

Put your best foot forward with these shoes, where the unique heels is horizontal and not vertical 

A fashion blogger from Japan hared this collar meant to look like a white sneaker, complete with the laces

Putting the ‘hand’ in ‘handbag; this handle on this clutch is made to look like a pink hand reaching out 

Clever upcycling or unnecessary bizarre design? A French art account shared this image, showing how a farm had used a toilet seat as a door for their chickens 

These piercings were made to look like whoever wore them had pimples on their chin and nose 

Careful with sleep apnea! For the swimmers who can’t let go of their passion, these are now sheets that looks like the bottom of a pool

People poked fun at this playground, which had a slide that was two-thirds made of climbing ladder

This uncomfortable light switch was found in Rome. The placement of the switch between the two children made several people look away 

In this gown shop, the massive zipper at the back of this dress ruined its nude illusion at the back 

A designer from Los Angeles raised eyebrows with these stiletto heels designed with toes socks 

This very small and minimalist kitchen island made foodie sneer as they asked what it could be used for 

If you knows the meaning of the eggplant emoji on social media, you won’t want mayo with your fries

The stool around this ice rink were made to look like anyone sitting on them are wearing thongs 

Time really does fly! This wall clock was designed to look like a stuffed flying squirrel for some reason 

This pair of sweat pants found in a charity shop in Stockholm raised some eyebrows, as they were made to look like jeans 

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