‘People look down on me for selling nudes – but OnlyFans helped me buy a house’

An OnlyFans model 'looked down on' for selling nudes got the last laugh by purchasing a four bedroom house.

Rebecca Cox, 23, quit her retail job two years ago to pursue selling racy snaps for cash.

Since taking up OnlyFans full time in 2021, the blonde bombshell now consistently rakes in five figure sums every month.

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Despite her success, not everyone has been so fond of the British lass' untraditional career choice.

So much so, she hid that she worked in the sex industry for the first year as she feared judgement from others.

But now free from worries, Rebecca is not afraid to admit where her money comes from – as it's changed her life.

Rebecca said: "Before I started OnlyFans, I was working a minimum wage job which I hated.

"I now have the freedom to go on holidays whenever I want and to treat my friends and family.

"I'm not one for designer bags, shoes, clothes etc. I want to create a future for myself with the money I earn from OnlyFans."

While many people in their 20s are scrambling to get a deposit together for their own bricks and mortar, this has not been an issue for Rebecca.

"At the age of 23 years old I have just purchased my dream home, a four bedroom detached house and am renovating it," she shared.

"I eventually want to start up my own business and pay my mortgage off early. I would also like to have a property portfolio further down the line.

"I never came from money growing up, I've never had the opportunity to earn money like this and it blows my mind every single day that someone like me could live the life that I do.

"I really want to set myself up for life."

The model never expected to be working in the sex industry – but it has enabled her to live her "dream" life.

Rebecca noted that the freedom from the money she earns, as well as working on her own terms, is something she never thought she'd have.

"I love the freedom that it gives me, but also the personal aspect," the stunner said.

"I tend to give my fans a lot of personalisation on my page. I do Live Shows on my page almost weekly and it's so much fun to interact with my subscribers live.

"I also enjoy being creative with my content. I studied photography in my A Levels, so taking content gives me the ability to use my degree on a daily basis."

But, the job does come with negatives too – and that's mainly to do with the stigma of taking your clothes off for money.

"I don't like the stigma that's around OnlyFans," Rebecca slammed.

"Luckily, everyone I've had the conversation with have been super supportive.

"My OnlyFans page is a whole community, I genuinely get on so well with my subscribers and I really enjoy chatting and having a personal connection with them.

"However, people tend to look down on you, assume what you're doing is illegal or wrong, that you're not paying tax, or even that you're ashamed of it."

As a petrolhead, Rebecca managed to buy her "dream" car – a purple Ford Mustang GT 5.0L Manual – with the money she earnt from pleasing her horny fans.

That means the model is no stranger to rude remarks in the male dominated car community.

"I am always getting comments saying, 'selling your nudes paid for your car' and 'you can only afford your car because you do OnlyFans' which realistically is correct," she candidly expressed.

"I can afford my car because of my JOB, just like every other person who has a car.

"At the end of the day Onlyfans is my full-time job, and I can afford my lifestyle because of my job.

"I hid the fact I did OnlyFans for the first year or so, being scared of the judgement.

"But now I'm at a point where I love my job, I love what I do, and I love the opportunities it's given me.

"If I'm honest, if you had told me five years ago that I would end up working within the sex industry, I definitely would have not believed it."

You can follow Rebecca on Instagram here.


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