‘People call my OnlyFans career sad – they’re jealous I can jet off when I want’

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An OnlyFans star has hit back at a troll who questioned her for doing sex work.

Daisy Simpson, famed for going on This Morning with her twin to talk about their extreme plastic surgery, was told she was selling her body “for a fiver”.

But she corrected the comment by saying she is instead “selling pictures for a fiver”.

She described it as a big difference and underneath the TikTok clip – where she has almost 160,000 followers.

One troll poorly wrote: “U have a sad life if your doing that for living.”

And Daisy, who along with twin sis Dolly has spent £140,000 on surgeries, responded with a video reply.

In it she said: “I actually love my life because I get to stay at home every day while everyone is out working – or I can decide to go on holiday.

“I can do anything I want and I can work anywhere I want.

“I think it is just people that are jealous that think I have a sad life.”

One of her followers then replied: “Why’s everyone hating, do what you want, you live once.”

Another wrote: “Living the dream.”

And a third commented asking: “Hope you’re ok.”

Daisy, from Stockton-on-Tees, previously told the Daily Star that her and her sister rake in up to £10,000 a month by being on OnlyFans.

And she added: “I know people have had horrible times during Covid but it has been positive for us because everything has changed.

“We made enough money for the surgeries in the UK and now we don’t ever want to work for anyone again and we have the financial freedom to go anywhere we want.”

The pair, who were bullied in school, turned to OnlyFans after losing their jobs as dancers during the pandemic.

And Daisy said her goal was to never “work for anyone again” and to maintain her financial freedom to go abroad anywhere she pleases.

Afterwards the sisters went on ITV's This Morning where they spoke about how they got a boob job on the same day.

Other surgeries include lip fillers at 18 and nose jobs – with Dolly also interested in getting a Brazilian bum lift.

But their mum, Christina, told Phil and Holly: “I obviously believed they were beautiful before they had these procedures.

"I do believe there have been various things that have triggered this off. They got bullied at school because they were twins and dressed alike.

"They didn't feel too good about themselves. Social media has a big impact."

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