People are only just realising what’s in Wine Gums – and it’s not booze

Wine Gums are a much-loved sweet by many.

However, sweet toothed fans are only just realising what they are actually made of – and you might just be surprised.

The iconic sweets were first launched over a hundred years ago after being produced by Charles Gordon Maynard and his dad Charles Riley Maynard.

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After the patriarch of the family had been busy running a sweet shop in Stamford Hill, North London, the pair released the popular product in 1909.

Although Wine Gums are now a household name globally, the name is often taken a little too literally.

That's because the gummy sweets do not actually contain booze – despite the label suggesting so.

But there are reasons behind why the confectionary was given such a name – and why there is no alcohol present.

It turns out that C.G Maynard wanted to appeal to a more adult audience rather than to children.

The sweet connoisseur engineered the gummies to have a more rich flavouring.

He also wanted Wine Gums to be savoured – rather than devoured – as if someone was nursing a glass of red.

That's not the only reason why they chose the now famous moniker.

Due to C.R Maynard being sober and a Methodist, including alcohol as in ingredient was a big no no.

So emulating wine was on the cards instead, meaning less sugar and more flavour.

That's probably why Wine Gums are bursting with flavour in comparison to other gummy products.

So, what's actually in the sweets? Well, it's pretty simple.

Wine Gums contain sugar, corn starch, water, gelatine and flavourings.

But, realising that Wine Gums don't actually have booze in is not the only thing people are shocked about.

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