Paris Hilton Brands Aunt Kyle Richards & RHOBH Stars 'So Unkind' Over Kathy Hilton Drama

Appearing on WWHL, Kyle admits the upcoming reunion is "gonna be difficult with my sister."

The most recent season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is causing some serious drama between sisters Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton … as well as Kathy’s daughter Paris Hilton.

So far, there hasn’t been too much friction between them, though last night’s episode and a preview for next week did hint at the source of the frustrations. On Wednesday’s hour, Kathy tried to use the show to push a line of tequila she and her daughter Nicky were investors in, but Kyle kept interrupting her pitch to the other women.

A preview, meanwhile, showed Kathy storming out of filming after Lisa Rinna ordered Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila at a bar. Exclaiming she was “f—ing pissed off,” Hilton said she felt Kyle wasn’t doing “a f—ing thing” to support her.

Appearing on “Watch What Happens Live” after the episode aired, Kyle insinuated she and her sister weren’t on great terms after a caller asked who she was “least looking forward” to seeing at the reunion, which tapes this Friday.

“Oh my gosh … so many. I didn’t end on the best note with … it’s gonna be difficult with my sister, we went through some hard times on the show,” Kyle admitted. “I’ve had some issues with Erika and Rinna toward the end and I had some apologizing to do to Garcelle, which I already did, so I think we’re okay.”

When Andy Cohen said it was going to “be a long, long shoot” on Friday, Richards agreed.

“Next to Season 5 [in which she had drama with her other sister, Kim], this is the reunion I’m the least looking forward to,” she continued — before adding, “I never look forward to any of them by the way.”

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So far, Kathy has remained mum on the feud, but her daughter Paris has been posting and liking a few snide comments about her aunt Kyle and the rest of the cast on Twitter.

After one viewer commented on the awkward scene of Kathy pushing the tequila, Paris quote tweeted it and added, “So unkind” (below).

Over the past few weeks, she’s also liked a number of posts shading the women, including one saying “everyone promotes their new businesses” on the show and “Kathy deserved respect” for doing to too … and another calling the cast “evil and ugly.”

See some of the posts she’s liked below:

She previously liked one tweet calling Kyle “a s—ty sister” who was “so clearly trying to sabotage Kathy’s tequila scene” and another criticizing Richards for putting her sister in a bunk bed during their Aspen trip — both of which TooFab saw and were captured by the Queens of Bravo Twitter page.

Paris, however, has since removed her likes from the posts.

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