Ohio Man Crafts Wooden Nut Bar for Squirrels in Backyard: They 'Stuff Their Faces'

The bar has been raised for DIY nuttiness!

Michael Dutko of Hilliard, Ohio, got creative when designing a gathering area for local squirrels in his backyard, crafting an adorable bar for the critters. He showed the making of the inventive project on the Duke Harmon Woodworking YouTube channel on Aug. 7.

Dutko, 35, made the wooden bar so that it offers seven varieties of nuts "on tap," each with a drink-inspired name: Cashew Dunkel, Peanut Pilsner, Almond Ale, Pistachio Pale Ale, Walnut Stout, Sunflower Saison, and Pecan Porter.

The craftsman also made cheeky bathroom signage that designated usage for "Nuts" or "No Nuts."

"The whole reason I even started to make this is because my neighbor birdwatches with her daughter and told me all of the squirrels keep getting in her way," Dutko told CNN. "I didn't even tell her what I was going to do, I just built it and put it back there and when she saw it, she just started cracking up."

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According to CNN, the wooden structure took eight hours to create, and it measures 25 inches in width and 16 inches in height. Dutko told the outlet that he's in the process of patenting the design to kickstart a business to hand-make the so-called Nutty Bars for others.

"It's surreal to me that I was able to make such an impact by doing something so little with something I love so much. I'm so amazed," he said. "People have been so kind and positive. And my kids definitely love it too, they're always watching the squirrels stuff their faces with nuts and they think it's just so cute."

In the description of the YouTube making-of video, Dutko wrote that he was "thinking outside the nut!"

"Building a squirrel bar is traditionally done looking like a box. I wanted to do something different," reads the description. "I took on the challenge to design this and carve all my pieces needed using the X-Carve by Inventables. V-Carve was the program I designed it in. I cleaned up the pieces using a round-over router bit and sandpaper. Other than that. Everything was done with the X-Carve."

Dutko has begun selling smaller replicas of the squirrel bar on Etsy for $175, telling prospective buyers: "Your friends and family will go nuts watching squirrels indulge at their very own Nutty Bar."

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