Nik Naks crisps retro flavour is back after 14 years – but fans say it's the WRONG one | The Sun

NIK NAKS are bringing back a fan favourite flavour – but the announcement has left crisp-lovers divided.

Nik Naks are known for their knobbly appearance and unusual flavours.

Nik Naks crisps first came into our lives back in 1981 – they're made by KP Snacks, the company better-known for its packs of peanuts.

Nice 'n' Spicy and Rib 'n' Saucy are the best known flavours, but some fans might have forgotten some older options.

Scampi 'n' Lemon flavour Nik Naks were first available in the 90s but were discontinued in 2008.

The flavour was axed in favour of Pickle 'n' Onion – which didn't stick around too long.

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Fans might also remember Cream 'n' Cheesy Nik Naks, and a limited edition Naughty 'n' Saucy flavour launched for Valentine's Day.

The iconic green bags containing Scampi 'n' Lemon Nik Naks are set to hit shelves again, according to Facebook Group Snack News & Reviews.

But fans are divided and some say Nik Naks has brought back the wrong flavour.

The post announcing the return of the savoury snack has racket up more than 800 comments – and it seems many people would prefer to see a cheesy option reinstated instead.

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One person commented: "Cheese ones are definitely the best ones. Bring those back."

Another agreed: "Need the cheese ones back – the only ones worth eating!"

A third person wrote: "Cream & cheesy all the way."

Another added: "Cheese ones were the best, like."

Still, some people are looking forward to the return of Scampi flavour.

One person wrote: "This is my favourite flavour of Nik Naks."

Another person tagged their local shop owner: "If your shop gets these in, tell me immediately! I lived for these as a kid."

KP Snacks told The Sun that the 75g bags would be available at retailers including Booker, One Stop, Spar and Nisa, with a recommended retail price of £1.

It said the flavour would be available from August 22. It is not clear if they are a limited edition for back for good.

The Sun couldn't find Scampi flavour Nik Naks when we checked the Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's websites but there are other flavours available.

You can pick up a six-pack of 20gram bags in Rib 'n' Saucy or Nice 'n' Spicy flavour at Tesco for 99p, or a single 45g bag for 90p.

Or if you've really got a hankering for fish-flavoured savoury snacks, you can get a Smiths Savoury Selection Snacks six-pack, which includes three bags of Scampi Fries for £1.50 at Ocado.

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Of course, if you're buying online, remember to factor in delivery costs.

It might be cheaper to head to your nearest corner shop or supermarket branch to pick up your crisps of choice if you don't want to bulk order.

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