New website that sends you FREE food and drink for your reviews on big brand products like Kellogs and Malibu

A PRODUCT marketing website is sending people free boxes of food and drinks in exchange for reviews on big brand products like Kelloggs and Malibu.

Tryit will deliver full-sized samples of products to your door which are even tailored to your taste – and you don’t have to pay a penny.

Instead, all you need to do is try the products and then sumbit your feedback to Tryit.

Once you’ve done that you can become eligible for more boxes of free goodies.

Tryit is a new platform that has not officially launched yet but anyone can join it’s pre-launch club.

The boxes come on a luck-of-the-draw basis so the more people who sign up, the more competition there is to be chosen for a box and it’s better to get in there early.

But you will have to be prepared to share personal details about your life and lifestyle as well as your honest opinion on the products.

We've asked Tryit how it all works, which brands they work with and when the platform will officially launch.

How to sign up to Tryit

To join, you can sign up on their website and you’ll get an email asking for your confirmation.

Next you'll be invited to set up an in-depth personal profile, which takes about 15 to 20 minutes. 

This consists of answering lots and lots of questions on your age, gender, date of birth, post code, employment, relationship status, household set-up, lifestyle, diet, shopping habits and more. 

Tyrit will only send you freebies once your profile is completed as it will be used to help match you to brands.

Once you get your first box, you can test the products then Tryit will sendyou an email in a few days, giving you intructions on how to review them.

A really comprehensive campaign booklet also comes with the box and this encourages you to share pictures of the products on social media platforms or "unbox" your box on you story. 

Tryit gives you points each time you share a picture on social media and the more points you gain the more likely you are to get picked for more freebies. 

How to become a super tester

HERE are our top tips for making sure companies keep sending you freebies time and time again:

  • Answer lots of surveys  – The more surveys you complete, the more chances you have to be sent free stuff.
  • Be quick – There's normally a limited number of samples, so if a product testing opportunity arrives in your inbox that you like the look of – move quickly!
  • Set up a dedicated email address – If you're going to sign up to loads of sites, you don't want the emails clogging up your usual inbox. Set up a dedicated account specifically for surveys and freebies, and remember to check it each morning.
  • Give proper reviews – When you are sent products to review, make sure you do a thorough job. If you just leave empty boxes or say it was "fine" you're less likely to be asked again.
  • Only select products you're interested in – It's easy to get caught up in the hype of getting freebies, but if you sign up for a cat food test and you don't have a cat, you're only wasting your own time.
  • Follow brands you love on Facebook – Some brands (Revlon and L'Oreal are two examples) periodically look for new testers. Follow your favourite brands on social media to be first in the know when they want testers or offer up freebies.
  • Be professional – Check your spelling and grammar carefully, so brands can use anonymous quotes in marketing.

It might sound like Tyrit’s to good to be true for giving away free products but the company likely makes money from the brands. 

Charlotte Burns, who tried out the programme and wrote about it on her Lotty Earns blog, said: “I know from working in this business a long time that food and drink companies will pay to get products in front of you.

“Not only will they hope you keep buying it, but you can provide useful info and even promote it on your social media.”

Tryit is not the only product testing platform where you can get free goodies in return for your review. 

Sites like SavvyCircle, BzzAgent and Toluna also run similar product review programs but Charlotte said she found the campaigns either dried up or the websites were hard to use. 

Savvy Circle hands out goodies from brands including Olay, Fairy and Max Factor, and in return it asks that testers give feedback on the products.

You can also earn loads of free products – including lotions and toiletries – with BzzAgent and all you have to do is start "meaningful and authentic conversations" about the freebies you receive with online and real-life friends.

Meanwhile, Toluna will pay you to test out products from brands like Amazon, CBS and Sony Music.

The blogger told the Sun: “I am pretty sceptical about getting free products in exchange for a review. Typically, if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.

“I've tried product testing companies such as Bzzagent and Toluna in the past, with varying degrees of success.

“So I didn't have a lot of high expectations from Tryit initially but signing up only took a few minutes, and was super impressed when I had a box of freebies come through the post."

Charlotte said the information booklets explaining what you had to do "were incredibly professional" and the products were a mix of recognisable and unfamiliar brands.

Two weeks afer receiving the box, Charlotte said she got an email telling her the survey was ready.

She said she only had review four of the products and it took her about two minutes to complete each one.

The blogger, who has the bonus of a big social media following, said she's already had a text saying she's been chosen for another campaign and a box is on its way.

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