My wife and I sleep in separate rooms since I found out she's been having sex with her mate's husband

I am 29, my wife is 27 and the other guy is 30. She plans to rent somewhere with her lover. She says she has not been happy for a couple of years and that we never have fun.

It’s been hard because our sons – aged three and 18 months – find going to bed difficult. As a result, we sleep in separate rooms. I’ve let things slide and we don’t have much spare cash to go out.

I still love her and want to sort out our issues but she seems obsessed with this new relationship.

It’s cost her all her friends and I worry about the effect of all this on our little boys.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your wife’s affair sounds like escapism, which I think is what her mum means.

How much fun will her new relationship feel when they are dealing with your sons’ sleeping problems together in their love nest?

Tell your wife you will make changes if she will try again. It’s got to be worth it for your sons’ sakes.

My e-leaflet When Parents Fall Out can help.

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