‘My man calls "short" outfit "inappropriate" for a mum – I’m still wearing it’

A woman took to social media with a desperate plea for fashion advice after her husband said her outfit was 'inappropriate' for "a mum and a wife."

Hannah Murphy, who posts online as @hannahmurphy.lifestyle, filmed her outfit before she was set to go on a night out with the girls.

In the video, which has gained more than 1,000 views, the mum posed in a long-sleeved blazer dress with a black belt and knee-high boots.

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But her husband was concerned that the outfit was too short and deemed it "inappropriate" for her because she is married and a mother.

However, she argued that she is more covered up than when she goes to the gym and decided to go out wearing whatever she wants anyway.

In the clip, Hannah explained: "Today is girl's night out – basically a mum's night out. I'm going out with a couple of mum friends.

"My husband thinks my outfit is not appropriate for a mum and a wife."

She took a step back to show off the outfit, adding: "He thinks it's too short, but my argument is I'm wearing my workout shorts and my workout bra underneath.

"So I actually go to a gym without a cover in the summer, obviously. But why is this not okay to go out like this? I'm worried.

"Basically, it's what I wear but even more covered up – but I don't know.

"I'm going out like this anyways. He can't stop me from going out and I'm wearing whatever I want."

Hannah asked viewers what they thought of her outfit and many TikTok viewers took to the comments agreeing with her.

One user said: "It looks very cute and who cares if you are mommy and wife as long as you feel good then, why not?"

Another added: "Being a mom doesn’t define how you dress! You are a baddie!!"

A third commented: "Looks stunning! I don’t see anything wrong with it."

However, some people thought she should be more considerate of her partner's feelings.

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One woman wrote: "Respecting ur husband is important. If u want to wear whatever u want then u should stay single." [sic]

Another argued: "Agree with ur husband..sorry but ur married with children."

A third added: "You're beautiful but respecting your significant other's feelings is important. Facts."

To which, Hannah replied: "You’re absolutely right!"


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