‘My girlfriend’s wants me to get circumcised so the sex is better’

My girlfriend says sex will be much better if I get myself circumcised. Apparently, her ex was done when he was a baby and he never had a problem making her scream.

Plus, she reckons that a cut member looks more attractive and is healthier. Is that true?

JANE SAYS: Would you have thought about this if she hadn’t mentioned it? Do not allow anyone to tell you what to do with your own body.

Decide for yourself if this is an appropriate route to do go down. Read up on the subject at nhs.uk.

Circumcisions can be carried out for medical or religious reasons. But sex being better is not a carrot she’s entitled to dangle in front of you.


My stepsister drives me crazy. She recently returned to the UK from Las Vegas. She’s divorced and bitter.

She’s in our spare room and I can’t stand it. She never stops interfering and telling me what to do.

She’s complains my house is too small, and the neighbourhood is too boring.

Apparently, my cooking is bland as she yearns for tex-mex and frozen margaritas.

The truth is that she means nothing to me.

We barely lived together as children.

We have different mums and our dad died in 2005.

My guy wants her out, but I’m stuck in the middle. Help.

JANE SAYS: Your stepsister needs to understand that this is a purely temporary measure. I’m sure everywhere is boring after Las Vegas.

Don’t allow her to get under your skin, because you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

If she’s bored, then what is she doing about finding her own place and a job?

You need to have “the conversation” about her future plans. Make it clear that you’re happy to help out but she can’t hang around forever.

Agree on a reason-able moving out date and stick to it.

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