My girlfriend loves to give me the silent treatment and it's putting me off

DEAR DEIDRE: THE moment I do something my girlfriend doesn’t like, she gives me the silent treatment.

She’s 45, I’m 42. It was rocky from the start.

She’d get frustrated that she could see me only every other weekend because my son, who’s now two, comes to stay with me.

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I thought things might be different when I moved in with her last month but she’s got worse.

She gives me the cold shoulder for the slightest thing, ignoring me for days or storming around the flat passive-aggressively.

I know I’m a decent boyfriend. I cook every night and buy her little treats.

She’s beginning to scare me away.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your girlfriend sounds immature, as though she can’t voice how she really feels.

She is using the silent treatment to punish you but is self-sabotaging.

My support pack Looking After Your Relationship explains how to communicate better.

Decide what you can both do to make the other person happier.

But if you don’t see any improvement in her communication after six months, you need to consider walking away.

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