My face turned BLUE after I got my ear pierced – I was rushed to A&E in agony

A MUM-of-one was rushed to hospital when her face turned BLUE after she got her EAR PIERCED.

Courtney Taylor was left in agony after her cheek started swelling up.

The 22-year-old had got her tragus – the small pointed cartilage in front of the concha – pierced on both sides.

The left side of her face then started to hurt but was reassured by the piercer at the salon she went to that it was fine.

Worried Courtney then spotted her face had turned blue and pals warned her it could be killer condition sepsis.

The young mum dashed to A&E where doctors were baffled by her condition.

They were eventually able to rule out life-threatening blood poisoning but said the piercing was too close to her face and a vein and possibly a nerve had been nicked.

Courtney, of Leeds, West Yorks said: “I got both of my tragus pierced.

“However the left one became so painful, it was almost unbearable to clean it.

“I told my piercer and she had no concerns as because it’s cartilage it can swell and become very uncomfortable for a while.

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“I agreed as I’ve experienced these symptoms in the past with a different cartilage piercing.”

But she added: “My right one was starting to get less and less sore.

“However my left one was just getting worse, and it started bleeding.

“So I looked in the mirror and saw all this bruising that was just getting worse and worse.

“I rang my doctors who said it could be sepsis or an infection and to get straight down to A&E.

“I went to hospital and they rushed me through to a separate part of A&E so I could get seen faster.

“The specialist spoke to me and he said he’s never seen anything like this in his life.

“So he phoned another specialist. But they quickly ruled out sepsis, thank God.

“However, he said the piercing was a little too close to my cheek and a vein had been nicked and possibly a nerve.”

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Courtney added: “He said to leave the earring in until completely healed.

“I was given antibiotics and told to leave the vein to clot x

“The bruising has calmed down, but it’s still quite painful.

Courtney said she has brought it up with the salon she went to, but wanted to raise awareness in case it happened to others.

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