My 23-year-old son got his girlfriend pregnant, should I offer to let them move in with us?

He is supposed to be studying to be a teacher and I can’t see how he can possibly cope with becoming a dad at the same time.

They have no money and live in a tiny rented flat with just one bedroom. It is hardly suitable for a baby yet they aren’t even considering a termination.

I am wondering whether to say they can live with us for the time being but I know my husband won’t be pleased at the idea. He is angry that they did not take more care.

My feeling is that, now the milk is spilt, we have to do all we can to help.

DEIDRE SAYS: I’m with you that, if they are determined to go ahead and have this baby, best you and your husband do all you can to ensure your grandchild has a happy start in life.

I doubt it will work to have them living with you if your husband is unhappy about it but you can do a lot to help – babysitting, having the baby to stay overnight etc.

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