Mum’s brilliant paddling pool trick inflates one in just two minutes

Temperatures in the UK are hot and set to rise further asexperts predict another few days of extremeheat before thunderstorms settle in.

With the rise in temperatures comes the different and often innovative ways Brits are turning to to keep cool including an ingeniousway to keep homes with loft hatches cooler.

Elsewhere, a TikTok user found a way to makehomemade air conditioningusing just an ice pack and a fan that left people branding it “life saving”.

While those are tips to cool off inside the house, many have been turning to their paddling pools to keep little ones comfortable while outdoors.

However, it's easy to forget just how hard it is to inflate a paddling pool considering they are only used for a few months in a year.

One savvy mum took to TikTok to share her extremely clever way to inflate her paddling pool in just minutes.

The user who goes by @Capricesmum explained how using a hairdryer on the cool setting inflated her pool in just 90 seconds.

“I've been doing this for years and it's a complete game changer. On hot days my son is so impatient to get into the pool and this allows me to do it so quickly.”

However, she did warn against doing this hack on pools which have any water inside as there can be danger involved.

The clever mum showed how quickly the large pool inflated and other parents were amazed by the hack.

One said: "This is so smart!" while a second wrote: "Omg, this woman has been unlocked from the matrix, got to try this next!"

Others were annoyed that they hadn't thought of the trick before, "I could've done mine so much quicker."

Once you’re out of the pool, experts revealed thebest way to showerduring the warm weather.

While a cold shower may seem like a good choice as a tactic to “cool off”, the cold water actually causes decreased blood flow to the skin.

This is because the cold causes the vessels that supply blood to the skin to constrict and as a result, our core gets warmer due to the reduced heat loss through the skin.

Therefore, just minutes after a cold shower, you will likely feel hot again.

However, warm water on the skin leads to an increased blood flow to the skin, and therefore greater heat loss from the body.


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