Mum sells sex tapes when kids are at school – but ‘it’s a strain emotionally’

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    A mum branded “disgusting” for selling sex says she strips off for randy subscribers while her kids are in school.

    Kira-Tia used to work in admin before turning to OnlyFans during the first lockdown back in 2020.

    And she has now given a candid insight into how she balances motherhood and sex work.

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    The 25-year-old, from Norfolk, told Daily Star: “It is quite time consuming and it does have that emotional and physical strain to it.

    "It’s definitely not as easy to make money as people make out. It’s like any job, the more you put into it the more you will get back.

    “You have to have a lot of confidence and not be willing to take anyone’s criticism to heart because if you do you won’t last very long because it will just throw you off.

    “Weekdays when the kids are in school are quite easy. I am a mum first thing in the morning until they go to school, then I am at home in work mode.

    “When they are not in school I am a mum slash OnlyFans model and I have to divide my time. I will spend the majority of my time with my children and then I will take two or three hours for myself where they will play with their dad and I can go off and do what I need to do.”

    Tia’s path to racy modelling was an unconventional one.

    That’s because she nervously started experimenting in front of the camera when her self-esteem was shattered after giving birth to two kids.

    The young mum previously told us: “I didn’t initially start on OnlyFans, it was Reddit at first, and it was mainly to gain self-confidence.

    “Having children meant I wasn't particularly happy with my body and a lot of people were saying whether I had OnlyFans. It escalated from there.

    “I realised so many people are actually attracted to that sort of body and it just grew.

    “It was great and now I can happily go outside wearing a nice dress or a skirt, not skimpy clothes, just normal stuff.

    “Beforehand I wouldn’t leave the house without wearing trackies.”

    Despite her bank balance and self-appreciation now both being much healthier, Tia has been attacked online for her career choice.

    She described how there were many in society who “hate” the sex industry and those involved in it.

    And referring to the abuse she suffered, she added: “I’ve had people say I am not pretty and they ask how anyone would pay to see my photos.

    "They say I am a disgusting mum and ask how will I explain it to my children and that my kids will think I am disgusting.

    “At the beginning it was hard and it would impact me quite a lot but the longer I’ve been doing it, the more I have grown to ignore it.

    “I used to take it to heart but now I don’t. I don’t see it as anything. You are only judging me because it is not something you could do.”

    But regardless of outside opinions, she is now giving her young family a more comfortable standard of living.

    She explained: “It has helped me buy a house and to afford a really nice car and things the kids need.

    “We went from struggling to a point… we were financially stable but I couldn’t always give my children what they wanted. Now if they asked for something I could essentially give it to them.

    “It’s great and nice not worrying where the next meal is going to come from. If I have an urgent bill I don’t have to worry where I will find the money for it."


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