Mum praises Asda deal that bagged her four kids’ meals free with £1.30 coffee

A mum praised Asda for providing free meals for kids.

On Facebook, the anonymous parent revealed spending £1.30 on a coffee in-store was all she needed to do to feed four of her children.

The family promotion helps to prevent little ones going hungry during the coronavirus pandemic.

It launched last year but has been extended so children under the age of 16 can redeem the offer when they’re with a parent.

In this particular instance, the mum was provided with chicken nuggets, chips and peas for her four children.

They each got a drink of either milk or Capri-Sun juice, as well as a fresh piece of fruit.

The mum was delighted with the deal and praised in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook.

She said: "Hats off to Asda. £1.30 for a coffee for myself, then kids eat free.

“Choice of hot or cold meals. Hot meals come with a piece of fruit and a drink…


“My sister-in-law didn't have all her kids with her and they still allowed her to have how ever many meals she needed."

The post has garnered more than 10,000 likes and 1,100 positive comments.

One parent gushed: “This is INCREDIBLE. Well done Asda.”

And another said: “So many families would appreciate this – even one meal helps when people are in a tough financial position. Well done Asda.”

While many have been busy redeeming the offer, some said the deal has ended in their local Asda.

To avoid disappointment, we’d recommend ringing your supermarket before you head out to redeem the promotion.

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