Mum moved to tears after generous stranger's kind gesture

Single mum left ‘shaking and in tears’ after a generous stranger’s heart-warming gesture: ‘Her kindness meant to the world to me’

  • Mum was given $50 by a stranger during a grocery shop 
  • The single mum was moved to tears by the gesture 

A struggling single mum was moved to tears after a generous stranger gave her $50 to do her back-to-school shopping.

While the Queensland woman was picking up some groceries ahead of the school term starting again she was carefully adding everything up and checking the price of each item so she didn’t go over budget. 

A young girl came up to her and handed her a $50 saying it was a gift from her mum. 

Completely taken aback by the unexpected gesture, she thought the girl was mistaken but started ‘shaking and crying’ when she realised she was in fact the correct recipient of the out-of-the-blue gift. 

Hundreds were touched by the stranger’s ‘incredible’ act of kindness as more families are feeling the pressure with skyrocketing costs of living.

A single mum was moved to tears after a generous stranger gave her $50 to go towards her back to school shopping as she was struggling to stick to her shoestring budget

‘I had the most incredible thing happen to me today. I’m in Woolies Riverlink in Ipswich QLD getting a few things for back to school and I’m adding my shopping up on my calculator and checking the price of EVERYTHING,’ the mum wrote in a Facebook post. 

‘Next a lovely little girl came up to me handing me a $50 and said ‘My mummy wants to give you a gift’, I said ‘Thank you, have the wrong person, honey’.’

The young girl assured the woman she was the person her mum wanted to give the $50 to and ran off before she could say anything else.  

‘I looked up at her mum shaking and in tears and she gave me a nod and a thumbs up,’ the woman said. 

The woman was checking the price of every item during a shop when a young girl handed her a $50 note she said was from her mum (stock image) 

‘She had no idea just how much I needed this right now. Her kindness meant to the world to me.’

The mum shared the heart-warming story to the Australian single mums who budget and save Facebook group leaving one member to tears. 

‘Made me cry this lovely Sunday morning. Always gives hope to know there are some really wonderful people out there,’ she said.

‘There are some truly wonderful people in the world! You don’t have to give someone $50 to make their day – any small kind gesture can change the course of someone’s life,’ a second agreed.

‘Even a smile on a s*** day can make everything seem OK.’

‘There are some absolute angels out there for sure!’ a third wrote and another replied: ‘Wow, that is truly incredible. Love this so much’.

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