Mum creates quirky graffiti-inspired living room with spray paints for £300

A mum-of-two decided to give her living room a dramatic makeover – using a mixture of paint, spray paint and wallpaper.

Tasha McBrinn, from Ormskirk, injected lots of colour into the space by opting for a graffiti-inspired transformation. 

The 30-year-old explains that, because the rest of her house is pretty quirky, she thought the same creativity needed to be applied to the living room.

Tasha tells money-saving Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK: ‘I had the idea for the spray-painted wall in my head for about six months but wanted to wait until after Christmas to do it, and the rest of the room stemmed from there. 

‘I came up with the idea myself, I knew I wanted to try out a graffiti wall so I just went for it.’

The mum bought the brightest spray paints she could find and made the most of tester pots she already owned from leftover projects.

Tasha adds: ‘I spray painted the first wall with the TV on and worked from there. 

‘The other walls were already white so I did a fresh coat on them before spray painting the window wall but also adding some black lines with a tester pot as I wanted it to be quite abstract.

‘I had no plan for that second wall when I was doing it, I just went with it.’

The mum then bought two white blinds from Argos, for £18 each, and used tester pots to put her own design on them. 

She then mimicked this design on the third wall, using a mixture of spray and potted paint.

‘The final wall I wallpapered with Arthouse paper I got on sale for £8.99 a roll and then added the prints that I already owned to it alongside neon lights,’ Tasha continues.

‘I was gifted a lot of the prints as I have a large Instagram following. That wall before adding prints was far too much and made my eyes go funny, but adding the colourful prints really broke it up and makes the whole wall pop.

‘I was also gifted the holographic wallpaper I have used around the light on the ceiling from an Instagram company.

‘Finally I spray painted the wooden furniture in the room to reflect the design and aesthetic of the space I had created. Overall, I wanted a colourful grunge graffiti room.’

In terms of other accessories, Tasha spent £150 on a new blue sofa, rug, some frames and cushions from IKEA. 

She also spent £50 on spray paint, £36 on blinds, £12 on new cabinet knobs, £15 on stickers and bought some £5 lampshades for upcycled lamps.

In total the entire room transformation set Tasha back around £300 – and the 30-year-old is thrilled with the results.

She adds: ‘I will always tell people to do what they want in their house and not to be afraid of breaking the rules or trying something new.

‘I’d also say you should practice on small pieces of furniture if you’re planning on spray painting as it’s not the easiest thing to master. 

‘I know tons of people have commented online saying it would give them migraines.

‘But none of that bothers me because all that matters is me and my family love it.’

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