Mrs Hinch shares clever cleaning hack which shows how filthy your plug hole is

Cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch often shares her handy cleaning hacks to help us polish up our homes.

The social media star never leaves a stone unturned when it comes to scrubbing her gorgeous house.

And, now she’s shared a genius method for cleaning your kitchen plug hole.

We know, you don’t think your plug is dirty… but it could be.

Posting to her 4m Instagram followers, Sophie Hinchliffe, 31, said: "So following on from yesterday's plug cleaning stories it's very clear that none of us like a smelly plug.”

She added: "but if bicarb and vinegar doesn't do the trick it may be worth checking deeper, let me show you this …"

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The Essex cleanfluencer took a teaspoon and unscrewed the screw in the plughole.

She wore rubber gloves throughout!

When Sophie pulled the screw out she lifted the plate to see the dirt within.

And, it was pretty grimy despite the pregnant star’s extreme cleaning routine.

To tackle the dirt, Mrs Hinch covered the plug in Cif and used a SonicScrubber tool.

She added: "Not gonna lie… This is my idea of heaven".

To finish off, Sophie added some Zoflora to the sink, screwed the grate back on and cleaned up.

She said: "The satisfaction is reeeeal”.

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I mean, we totally agree…

We are definitely trying this (even though we’re horrified by what might be down there).

Meanwhile, Mrs Hinch has hit out at trolls who called her son a "spoilt brat".

And, she admits that she fell in love with cleaning because she was "lonely".

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