Motorists risk £5,000 fine and charge for installing a bike rack while driving

In recent months we've seen a lot of motoring laws come into place.

And nowadays motorists could get caught out by the smallest of things on the road.

Now experts are warning drivers that it's their "responsibility" to ensure their roof rack is safe.

This includes whether the weight of the rack is suitable for vehicles and if it's safely fastened.

Also drivers could get "obstructed" with the bike rack if it's blocking their vision.

Joel Kempson, spokesperson at USwitch, said a roof rack should not impact any road users.

But he also urged road users to make sure they check their existing policy to ensure they're covered.

He said: "Using roof boxes and bike racks are a great way of transporting heavy loads.

"We just need to make sure drivers are aware of the laws and safety concerns around using them.

"It's your responsibility to ensure the weight of your rack is suitable for your car, and what you are transporting is securely fastened.

"The rack should not hinder you while driving, so make sure your vision is not obstructed in any way and everything is secured."

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Joel added: "It is also important not to impact other drivers around you, so make sure nothing is sticking out in a dangerous manner.

"We recommend you take out supplementary insurance if you are not already covered by your existing policy."

In some cases, drivers could be fined £5,000 for installing a bike rack that could obstruct other motorists.

And it is important for road users to stay within the pre-determined roof load at all times to avoid getting into trouble.

They warn this limit "may be lower than you think" with experts telling road users to check their handbook immediately.

Eban Lovatt, CEO of MoneyShake, previously warned drivers could be fined if their bike racks or bicycles block number plates.

He said: "Make sure it doesn't cover your licence plate – or you risk being pulled over by police and a £1,000 fine.

"Those with rear-mounted bike racks should invest in a lighting board for their car."

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