Mother-of-four with brain tumour makes her last YouTube video

Beauty blogger mother, 49, announces she’s dying from a brain tumour in a heartbreaking final YouTube video – telling followers ‘make-up doesn’t matter anymore’

  • Samantha Last, 49, from Norfolk, began experiencing headaches last Tuesday
  • Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, discovered an incurable brain tumour
  • Mother-of-four made the announcement on YouTube in her final vlog
  • She has since set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for a final family road trip

A beauty vlogger has posted a heartbreaking final video announcing that she’s been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. 

Samantha Last, 49, from Norfolk, who has more than 16,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel delivered the heartbreaking news in a tearful clip, revealing how she’d been diagnosed at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge after suffering from severe headaches. 

‘I’m so sorry that it’s a horrible message that I’m having to share with you today, but I can’t hide it anymore,’ she said. ‘If anyone sees me out and about, I’m not my usual glamorous self. 

‘I’m never going to be my glamorous self. At the end of the day the make-up doesn’t matter anymore, all that matters is to be comfortable and to be with my loved ones,’ she continued. 

The mother-of-four asked followers to donate to her Go Fund Me page in the hope of raising enough for a final road trip with her family before she passes away. 

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The mother-of-four who has seven grandchildren, was diagnosed with the incurable condition after experiencing severe headaches that couldn’t be treated with paracetamol 

Samantha who has been sharing makeup videos since 2014, received help from her off-camera husband, David, 51, as she spoke candidly about her condition.

She said: ‘Some of you may already know, I want to complete my YouTube journey today. Apologies, but the information I’m going to give you is not happy. 

‘The first little bit of information I’m going to give you is that I have been suffering over the last few weeks with certain illnesses. 

‘Nothing major, started off with ear infections and eventually got worse and worse and worse. Then a week ago I was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. 

Samantha Last (pictured), 49, from Norfolk, has announced that she will no longer be making YouTube videos due to a terminal brain tumour 

‘It’s not going to get better. They can obviously help me, which they are doing. The hospital has been absolutely amazing.’

‘You know I love the beach. I love the sand. I love the freedom, I love all of that. What I’m looking to do with your help is to fund a trip for me. Obviously I don’t want you to give hundreds just little by little to fund this for me. 

‘If you all help me we can do this together. We’ve been doing this YouTube together all of us,’ she said in an emotional appeal.

Samantha (pictured) has been on YouTube since 2014, she asked her 16,000 subscribers to help fund a final family road trip across the UK

The mother-of-four shared a link to a Go Fund Me page with the YouTube video in the hopes of raising £10,000.

Over £18,000 has been contributed to Samantha’s cause since she shared her diagnosis and her YouTube video has racked up in excess of 200,000 views.

The beauty vlogger who is mother to Danny, 29, Jasmine, 27, Ebony, 23, and Brandon, 21, apologised to her subscribers for the devastating news and confessed she hates having to ask for money. 

Her husband David, who has been married to Samantha for 30 years, said he hopes the money can cover her funeral costs and fund a trip to Agatha Christies’ beach house in Devon. 

Samantha (pictured) has raised over £18,000 since setting up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the road trip 

Samantha’s husband David, 51, hopes to raise money to cover the cost of her funeral and to take her to Agatha Christies’ beach house

Responding to the video, one subscriber said: ‘This makes me sad to the pit of my stomach – I’m so sorry you’re going through this and can NOT imagine how you must feel. You seem like such a kind heart and loving person. 

‘I pray for peace for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Please know people are praying for you and your family. This puts into perspective what REALLY matters in life – family, friends and experiences’

Another wrote: ‘Heartbroken to hear this awful news – I’ve seen a lot of people comment about what you did for the older community of women on YouTube, but I am a younger subscriber and just loved watching someone who is as obsessed with beauty and makeup as I am! I will pray for you and your family.

‘I will pray for a miracle to happen for you. Please know you have a tribe of people that care for you and truly want the best for you! Anytime you’re lacking positvity and hope, know you can feed of ours! You can feed off our hope and love for you. Thank you for the effort you put into your channel and know it’s greatly appreciated. I hope you have the best road trip!’  

A stream of responses to the YouTube video has come from those who have donated to Samantha’s cause 

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