Morrisons starts rationing items after 'unnecessary' second wave panic buyers force supermarkets to limit stock

MORRISONS has been forced to limit the number of items shoppers can buy – despite there being plenty of stock.

The supermarket has rationed essentials such as toilet roll to because shoppers are unnecessarily panic buying.

There is a limit of three per person on some items according to ITV news.

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "We are introducing a limit on a small number of key products, such as toilet roll and disinfectant.

"Our stock levels of these products are good but we want to ensure that they are available for everyone."  

Supermarket bosses have spent the week urging shoppers not to panic buy and reassuring customers that there is plenty to go round.

But people have still been seen bulk buying anyway because they think there will be another lockdown.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new measures this week to curb the rising number of cases of coronavirus but stopped short of returning to lockdown.

Once Iceland store in West Worthing was forced to put up handwritten notes stopping people from bulk buying toilet roll and kitchen roll.

The supermarket said it was "strictly a local initiative" and not a company wide policy.

And in a Tesco branch in Cambridgeshire, a sign was also spotted limiting toilet roll to just one per customer.

 It said: “Due to availability issues toilet roll is currently restricted to one per customer.”

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