More Companies Are Hiring People Sight Unseen, Here’s How You Can Be One Of Them

One of the greatest points of anxiety when preparing for a job interview is what you are going to wear. You will be happy to know there is good news on that front. As reported by WSJ, more people are being hired by big companies without the step of requiring you to show up for an in-person interview.

“Eager employers trying to lure workers in the tightest job market since 1969 are hiring some candidates sight unseen, at times after one phone interview. The practice has become most common in seasonal work, particularly retail, although it is spreading among certain in-demand white-collar roles, such as engineers, IT professionals and teachers.”

One of the reasons for this new trend cited in the article is competitiveness. This is what happens in a workers’ market. Companies have to fight over the best of the potential workforce. A company needing to fill its stores for the holidays has only so much time to bring on extra help and get them trained.

Another factor is that individuals do not just apply for one job. They apply for several at once. But they will likely only take one job. The one with the shortest process is likely to win the race. So companies are skipping the in-person interview which saves a substantial amount of time.

One of the ways to help your chances is to clean up your social media profile so that it is employer ready. Keep those drunk pics off your public profile. Also, update your profile pic to something more recent. Employees are looking. That surprised one of the people mentioned in the article.

“When she arrived for her first day of work, a manager who had seen her online said, ‘You do look just like your picture,’ Ms. Jurak recalls. L Brands, which owns Bath & Body Works, didn’t respond to a request for comment.”

Another tip is to be on your best voice. Your voice is all they have of you, besides your public social media presence. Lubricate your voice like an opera singer. Your stunning good looks will not help you in a phone interview.

Finally, know something about the business for which you are applying. Ask questions. But make sure those questions do not reflect things you could just as easily discover by checking out the company website. Where possible, apply that company knowledge to good questions. Intelligent questions are more impressive than good looks.

Also, be on time. A phone interview is still an interview. So answer the phone professionally and enthusiastically. A good phone answer is probably half the battle in a phone interview. It literally sets the tone for what is to follow.

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