Mini monikers are having a moment – the most popular three-letter baby names

Many short names are condensed versions of longer ones; Sam for Samantha, Jon for Jonathan, and so on.

But according to the data, more parents are giving their babies short and sweet names as standard, with three-letter monikers increasing in popularity over the years.

Baby name aggregator Nameberry is calling it the ‘mini’ name trend, suggesting that snappy names with just a few letters are the way forward.

‘Mini names are having a moment,’ said the experts.

‘Mia and Ava rank in the US girls’ Top Ten, and names like Max and Leo, Ian and Eli are all popular for boys.

‘It’s a minimalist approach to naming children, and a stylish one, too.’

There are other benefits to giving your child a mini name. It’ll be easier for them to write it as they grow, plus it’s unlikely to be difficult to pronounce or parse in different languages.

Additionally, it’s thought that those with tiny titles prefer an uncluttered lifestyle, mirroring their name with a concise way of approaching different situations.

So with that, we’ve compiled some of the most popular three-letter names to give to your little one, based on Nameberry’s 2022 lists. You may even see your own on there.

Mini baby names for girls

Mini baby names for boys

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