Meet the stunning photographer who poses NUDE on her breathtaking travels

MEET the unstoppable Instagram star who travels to some of the most spectacular places on earth – and pose completely nude.

Daring brunette Magdalena Wosinska from Poland has racked up 121,000 followers on her Instagram page, thanks to her incredible shots of her without clothes next to waterfalls, mountains and even planes.

Her decision to shoot her own Instagram with the majority of images in the nude was a simple one.

She said to FOAM: “It’s just timeless. No one can tell what status, class or group you belong to in the nude.”

The idea was born when Magdalena was set a photographic class assignment and realised that she didn’t have fancy outfits to wear for the pictures.

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Magdalena explores an old aircraft partially in the nudeCredit: Magdalena Wosinska
This red, quaint building made the perfect backdrop for one of her shootsCredit: Magdalena Wosinska
The Instagram star took things up a gear by posing up a storm next to a bikeCredit: Magdalena Wosinska
Her images show a quiet and tranquil beauty, thanks to soft colours and lightingCredit: Magdalena Wosinska
Her work even includes her making friends with some horses on her travelsCredit: Magdalena Wosinska

Speaking to Sakara, she said: “We were really poor growing up, and when I shot self-portraits for a class assignment, I thought, 'Well, f**k, I don't have any nice clothes.

“So, I took my clothes off. I guess you could say I started doing self-portrait nudes almost twenty years ago.

“My nude self-portrait work is not about sexual stimulation whatsoever. My self-portraits came from a place of poverty.”

When she isn’t in front of the camera Magdalena earns a living as a photographer, and her work has taken her all over the world ever since she was a teenager.

From beach scenes adorned in fairy lights to her leaning over to enjoy spectacular mountain views, her creative images showcase the star on her many adventures.

Magdalena moved to the USA in 1991 and she moved to Arizona before settling in Los Angeles in 2004 when she was 24.

The talented snapper has since shot campaigns for well-known names such as Converse, Urban Outfitters, Vogue and Spin.

She also has two books, Bite It You Scum and The Grass is Electric, which she has released in recent years.

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