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McDonald's is the fast food restaurant of choice for many, but do you know how much each of your menu favourites cost?

Maccies is the perfect place to grab a bite on the cheap, with snacks and deals starting from less than 99p.

The chain runs regularly runs promos too.

And if you know the right places to look, you might even be able to snag yourself a freebie.

For example, McDonald's launched its annual Monopoly game where stickers on menu items reveal all sorts of prizes.

But on any regular day, you'll still have to fork out for your meal.

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Prices are still pretty cheap though and you shouldn't have to break the burst the bank to pick something up.

Here we take a look at the prices of some of the fast food chain's all-time favourites in the UK.

What's on the McDonald's menu and what are the prices?

McDonald's menu is the same across the UK – stock and ice cream machines permitting – but its prices differ.

In central London, a Big Mac will set you back at least £3.99 as a singular item, but in Slough the same item costs roughly £3.49.

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We've listed the prices as the ones on Slough High Street, the cheapest McDonald's we can find, but they may be higher at your local restaurant.

Six chicken nuggets cost from £3.49 while nine are £3.79 and a share box of 20 is £4.59, according to the McDonald's app.

You will only need 99p for a small portion of fries, £1.39 for a medium, and £1.69 for a large box.

Children's favourite, the Happy Meal, costs £2.79.

The McDonald's wrap of the day goes for £1.99 alone or and £3.59 as a large meal.

On Mondays it's the Spicy Veggie One or Garlic Mayo One, on Tuesdays it's the BBQ Bacon & Chicken One.

On Wednesdays the Sweet Chilli Chicken makes an appearance, and Thursdays have the BBQ Bacon & Chicken One or Spicy Veggie One.

On Friday, McDonald's sells the Sweet Chilli Chicken One for £1.99, on Saturdays the Garlic Mayo One, and Sundays the Sweet Chilli Chicken One.

The new Spicy Spanish Stack burger comes in at £5.19 and £6.59 as a meal.

The Chicken Fiesta costs £5.19 as a standalone burger and £6.59 as a meal.

You can also buy four halloumi fries for £2.49.

Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy standard McFlurry flavours for just 99p – these include Smarties, Oreo, Malteasers and Dairy Milk options.

What are the McDonald's promotion prices?

The fast-food chain regularly updates its menu, usually every six weeks.

A great way to save is if you download and use the MyMcdonald's app where you can get a 20% discount on your first order.

MyMcDonald's Rewards is available to all McDonald's app users and customers can now start earning and redeeming their points with the loyalty scheme.

The app also features the MyMcdonald's rewards programme where after your fifth coffee, you can claim a sixth for free.

By using the app you can collect points on each order and later redeem them for rewards in a number of selected restaurants.

What time does McDonald's lunch menu start and what time does it finish?

While the timetable might vary depending on the restaurant generally most Maccies start serving lunch at 11am.

That's when the restaurants stop serving breakfast so it would be your last chance to grab a breakfast McMuffin or hash browns.

McDonald's continues serving its lunch menu throughout the day until closing time.

You can read more about opening times here in our guide.

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