Martin Lewis advises 1p rule before buying Xmas gifts – it may save thousands

Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis has urged Brits to try the 1p payment rule before they buy last-minute Christmas gifts.

The finance guru claims that the method could save people hundreds of pounds – if not thousands.

Martin issued his weekly newsletter yesterday, this week's edition contained his top 10 Christmas consumer need to knows.

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One of his tips explained how it was important to “pay at least 1p on a credit card” when shopping for more items over £100.

He said: "Buy something costing £100.01 to £30,000 and pay for any of it, even a penny, on a credit card, and the card firm is jointly liable with the retailer for the WHOLE amount.

"So if you can, put at least some of it on a credit card (paid off IN FULL to avoid interest).

"Then if the retailer goes bust, won't play fair with faulty items, or you buy abroad and can't take the item back, you can go to the card firm."

According to The Mirror, Martin also explained when exactly an item can be classed as faulty and how you only need a “proof of purchase” such as a credit card statement when returning it.

He warned that you don't have a legal right to change your mind and return goods bought in stores – even if it's the wrong colour or size.

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Some stores allow no-fault returns and if these are published, then they're enforceable, said Martin.

However, when buying online, the Money Saving Expert says you do have the legal right to change your mind.

He explained: "This is designed to protect people when buying things remotely. For most items, you've… up to 14 days to notify them of a return… then up to 14 days after that to send it back,"

"If their websites say you must be quicker, they're wrong. There are exceptions here, the main two being no returns of personalised or perishable items."

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As well as this, Martin also warned against buying items from abroad as with online returns you would usually get back the price you paid, plus the minimum delivery costs paid.

This would even be the case if someone had free delivery but paid £10 for express, you would then get the £10 back for returning it.

However, you do not have the automatic right to get back the cost of returning an item if they come from abroad.

He explained: “Sending it back can be more than you paid in the first place, so beware where it comes from before you buy, especially on the likes of Amazon and eBay, where it's less easy to see."


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