Married couple say sleeping in separate rooms made sex life BETTER

‘I go to his “man cave” and we have fun!’ Husband and wife reveal how opting for separate bedrooms has made their sex life MORE adventurous – after his snoring nearly drove them to divorce

  • Kelly and David Smith explained how his snoring nearly ended their marriage
  • Couple sought counselling and decided to try sleeping apart on a night
  • Now they pair confess that their relationship is ‘more exciting’ and sex is better

A husband and wife revealed how sleeping in separate beds has improved their sex lives – and saved their marriage – after his unbearable snoring almost drove them to divorce. 

British couple Kelly and David Smith were left on the brink of splitting after she grew fed up with his noisy sleeping habit, which she compared to a ‘giant pig noise’. 

Eventually Kelly suggested the pair stop sleeping in the same bed and both now enjoy separate bedrooms, which she credits to being ‘more adventurous’.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Kelly explained that she will visit David’s ‘man cave’ to ‘have fun’ before returning to her own room so they can both get the sleep they need.

British couple Kelly and David Smith were left on the brink of splitting after she grew fed up with his noisy sleep habit, which she compared to a ‘giant pig noise’. They now sleep in separate beds and credit the move with saving their marriage – and improving their sex life 

She added: ‘Our sex life has got much much better, much more adventurous I would say. He gets his sleep I get mine and everyone is happy.’

After getting married Kelly said they couldn’t even enjoy a honeymoon period because there were arguing so much over lack of sleep.

They turned to marriage counselling in a desperate bid to salvage their crumbling relationship.

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‘We got married and you are meant to have that honeymoon period and it was probably the worst year of our life,’ she told presenters Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on Friday’s daytime show.

They were thinking of splitting because they were bickering so much, and even tried out sleep-aid gadgets to stop the snoring.

David said that he’d always had a snoring habit but it caused so many problems between the couple because they weren’t getting enough sleep that they considered splitting 

‘The slightest thing was becoming like the iceberg to the Titanic and it was just because we were tired,’ taxi driver David explained. 

Kelly explained that because of the snoring one of them would always end up sleeping on the sofa or in another room.

‘I said we are not actually sleeping together anyway, we weren’t having sex so what was the point so then I said ‘why not have separate rooms?”

The couple went for marriage counselling and then decided that the only way to solve their problem was separate beds which she credits to a more adventurous sex life

David said he was initially insulted at Kelly’s suggestion but then because they’d identified it as the main problem in their marriage decided to give it ago; and they’ve never looked back. 

They’ve found that hopping from room to room has its advantages: ‘It’s more exciting we have gone back to how it was in the beginning when you had that initial excitement when we weren’t living together.

‘It was like dating again,’ Kelly said.

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