Man Tries to Steal TikToker's Phone Mid-TikTok in New York Subway

He very intimidatingly accuses her of setting him up.

A TokToker attempting to make a video in New York ended up filming an attempted crime instead.

User @5minwithaurea was trying to film herself on a subway platform as a train passed by, and captured the moment she said an opportunistic thief tried to snatch her cellphone.

“I was making my tiktok videos on the NYC train and a very rude man wanted to steal my cell phone,” she captioned the alarming vid, adding: “I was by myself.”

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After setting it down on the platform, she stepped back as the camera rolled — only for a man to suddenly enter the frame and make a grab for it.

“Stop! That’s mine!” she can be heard yelling as she sprints after him, and the camera drops to the ground.

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Picking it back up, she begins recording again — as the man accuses her of trying to set him up.

“What are you gonna do?” he shouts at her. “You took my things!” she replies.

“I stole your shit? I touched your stuff — get the f–k out of here,” he shouts, and begins advancing intimidatingly towards her.

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“Stop trying to set people up. Get on the train, get out of here,” he orders as she scurries aboard just as the doors are closing.

“You f–king shit. You f–king shit. You’re trying to set people up,” he continues, thankfully stopping short of following her onto the train. “That’s what you’re trying to do, you’re trying to set people up.

As the doors close in his face, he mouths “Good job” — before flipping her the bird.

Thousands of commenters were outraged by his behavior, and thankful the situation didn’t get any worse; but just as many questioned the wisdom of leaving ones phone on a NY subway platform — both in terms of safety and sanitation.

“Honey it’s NY there’s rats everywhere both literally and figuratively,” one commenter perfectly summarized. “Why would you EVEN think to put your phone down.”

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