Makeup artist: You've been doing your brows wrong all this time

Makeup artist: You’ve been doing your eyebrows wrong and everyone makes these same six mistakes

  • American makeup artist Janae Lockard said you do brows and then your base
  • Said you need to brush the brows upwards and outwards with gel to boost them

A makeup artist has shared her top tips for perfect eyebrows, and the mistakes we’ve all been making all this time.

Beauty pro Janae Lockard, from the US, shared a video on TikTok that has been viewed more than five million times, where she shared exactly what she does to get that celebrity-inspired perfectly fluffy eyebrow.

‘These are the eyebrow mistakes you’re making [without realising],’ Janae said.

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American makeup artist Janae Lockard (pictured) shared her top tips for perfect eyebrows, and the mistakes we’ve all been making all this time

The first mistake Janae said women regularly make is they put their base makeup on before finessing their brows.

In actual fact, you should do the opposite, as this means you can use foundation and concealer later to carve out your eyebrows’ shape and ensure there are no jagged edges.

Next, Janae said you need to avoid over-plucking specifically in one area.

‘Over-plucking the inside corner is not going to work,’ she said. 

Ditto penciling in your eyebrow too far down and with too dark a colour or too big a brush: ‘It’s unnatural and too harsh,’ Janae said.

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Instead, she recommends using a brow gel – which you should use to gently ‘brush the brow hairs upwards and outwards’.

‘You can soften the edges if it’s too fluffy, but don’t keep going in again and in again with the gel because you’ll cause that flaky, crusty vibe that no one wants,’ Janae said. 

You can add ‘feathery strokes’ with a brow pen and if you’re using a brush, Janae recommends you pinch it before application to ensure it’s accurate and ready for detail. 

Top eyebrow mistakes people make 

1. Putting your base makeup on before finessing your brows.

2. Over-plucking one area like the inner corner of the brows.

3.  Penciling in your eyebrow too far down and with too dark a colour.

4. Using too big a brush to do your brows.

5. Going over and over with brow gel, which will make your brows flaky and crusty.

6. Carving out your brows with too light a concealer. 

Source: Beauty by Janae

Janae (pictured) said you need to do your brows before your base makeup, as then you can go over with concealer and foundation and carve out your brows later on

Finally, the makeup artist said you should steer clear of ‘carving’ out your eyebrows with a super-light-coloured concealer, and you should instead add a ‘really minimal amount to the bottom outside edges’.

‘Then, with basically nothing on your brush, just carve out the inside edge,’ she said.

‘Finish by using your foundation to carve out the top of the brow.’

Janae demonstrated just how effective her tricks are by comparing the eyebrow that she had done with the one she had not.

More than five million people who saw the makeup artist’s clip were quick to thank her for sharing her advice. 

‘You look fabulous, thanks for sharing,’ one person commented.

‘I have no eyebrows so I would be brushing up three hairs,’ another added. 

A third wrote: ‘As someone who’s always been obsessed with brows this was so satisfying to watch’.

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