Major hair ‘mistake’ women make which ‘makes them look 10 years older’

Busbee Style is a YouTube channel for women over 40, helping them look and feel their best. In a video entitled Five Hair Mistakes Making You Look 10 Years Older, Erin Busbee shared how mature women can look younger fast.

One of Erin’s all-important hair tips was to find the right colour for you.

While you might love bold colours such as platinum blonde or jet black hair, these colours may not be for everyone.

It’s also possible that a colour that suited you in your teens, 20s and 30s will not suit you in your 40s, 50s and beyond.

Erin said: “The first mistake that a lot of us make is we have the wrong hair colour.”

The influencer admitted that finding the right colour is “tough”, and she wouldn’t necessarily recommend women go for their hairstylist’s advice – unless they trust them “implicitly”.

Finding the correct colour might be a case of trial and error, trying out different shades until the perfect one is found.

However, this doesn’t mean ladies must dye their hair all colours of the rainbow in order to find their perfect shade.

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Thankfully, due to technology, women can discover their ideal youthful hue from the comfort of their own home.

Erin recommended a website called Hair Color Virtual Try-On, and there are many of these out there to check out.

She said: “Coming to a virtual try-on like this will really help you to figure out what hair colour is going to work best for your skin tone.

“When you start doing research on this and try to figure out what hair colour works best on what skin tone, a lot of articles point to the colour of your veins.

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“In my opinion this is ridiculous. I can look at my veins and see three colours, purple, green and blue – and I think they say for greens choose these colours and for purples and blues, choose these colours.”

Instead of their more convoluted route, the influencer recommended hopping online for some virtual trying on.

She said: “It’s going to be so much easier just to come to something like this, do a virtual try-on and see what works best with your skin tone.”

According to Erin, trying on colours virtually “means you can see how ageing it can be and unflattering it can be if you have the wrong colour”.

Using the virtual try-on herself, she demonstrated that red hues make the red tones in her skin “more pronounced and exaggerated”, while grey “makes her look older”.

The influencer suggested for the ultimate “youthful” look, play around with the handy virtual tool to see what looks best – “your hair colour is so important”.

Later on in the video, Erin shared the hair mistake women over 40 are making which makes them look “stale” and “dated”.

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