Luxury Brand Releases Paper Watch Straps

Times are changing and IWC Schaffhausen is releasing a line of TimberTex luxury watch straps with paper-based low impact paper and plant cellulous to reflect it. The move takes eco-consciousness and wraps it around the wrists of those looking to make a difference.

The company made their  announcement ahead of a big reveal at the upcoming Watches & Wonders Geneva exhibit. These new ecofriendly straps join the brand’s leather, fabric, rubber, and steel bracelets to accentuate the time pieces worn by customers. All materials used in the creation of the products are responsibly sourced and epitomize the brand’s commitment to combining affluence with environmentally sustainable products.

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In earlier years, straps like these may have felt or looked different from less-Earth-friendly counterparts, but today, things have changed. These pieces reportedly have a feel of luxury both to the eyes and the wrist, despite being created from 80% natural plant fibers and cellulose using trees certified by Forest Stewardship Council and grown in responsibly managed European forests overseen by the FSC. This material is often used in leather alternatives and is fully recyclable.

Made in Italy these new age straps come in a variety colors that, just like the material used in their creation, are made through plant-based initiatives. The dyes themselves are natural, recyclable, and are an integral part in the creation process that includes over 60 different steps. The end result comes after long-term research, development, and testing to ensure that these TimberTex straps follow preset guidelines for responsible green products.

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For those unfamiliar with watches, IWC is one of the top brands of luxury watches in the world. Spoken in the same breath as Rolex, the brand is one of the most sought after globally. Their move to create a more environmentally sound strap to match their precise timepieces sends a signal to other brands, as well as the world, that being eco- friendly no longer has to mean a sacrifice in personal luxury. For those who are used to a more refined lifestyle, helping the planet can be just as advantageous as helping themselves to the finer things in life.

Watch and Wonders 2021 is scheduled for April of this year, runing from April 7-13th. According to the website, the exhibit will feature networking, discussions, and enhanced interactivity as brands reveal their new releases. This year, the event will have a strong online presence, making it an innovative one in many ways and the perfect unveiling for TimberTex’s push to a new generation.

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