‘Love Is Blind’ star Marshall Glaze apologizes for resurfaced ‘colorist’ tweets

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“Love Is Blind” star Marshall Glaze issued an apology on Twitter after several of his past “colorist” tweets resurfaced.

“I’m seeing a lot of my old tweets surface from years ago,” the reality star, 27, wrote Thursday. “This happens to pretty much everyone who goes into the public eye.

“Let me be clear: Like I said to someone earlier…things change. I was a sad teenager with a lot of issues when I tweeted alot of that.”

Glaze wrote that he has since “grown” and does not “feel or think the same way” anymore. He also said that he had the opportunity to erase his previous tweets, but “left it up for a reason.”

“It’s my progression as an individual,” the marketing manager continued. “As a human. Those old tweets are just my proof that I have evolved.

“I thank God for the opportunity to be damaged, seek clarity and forgiveness, and develop into a better person.”

Glaze’s remarks came hours after social media users dug up several of his tweets from nearly a decade ago, where he made disparaging comments about black women.

“A group of sad Black girls that sit in a damn circle sharing their stories on why MEN ‘ain’t s–t’,” he tweeted in 2014, adding, “I’ll tell you, BLACK females. Why?

In other old tweets, Glaze wrote that he “prefers” light-skinned women and said that “Latina girls know how to treat their dude!”

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After the resurfaced tweets went viral, several people shared their disdain for Glaze’s remarks.

“If we being honest Marshall really just a lame. I thought a lot of the stuff he was saying was cringe but after seeing the tweets he really a corny af,” tweeted one critic.

“Damnnn Marshall from LIB got his old tweets exposed and he a whole colourist?!?,” added another.

“Im tired of black women being told to get over stuff. We have the right to be mad at Marshall for those tweets. #LoveIsBlind,” wrote a third.

“Damn Marshall we were all rooting for you until those black girl tweets resurfaced from 2014,” tweeted a fourth person.

Glaze starred in the fourth season of the popular Netflix dating series. He dated Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds sight unseen in the pods and proposed to her.

However, the pair never made it down the aisle as Bonds, also 27, called it off with Glaze and began dating Josh Demas, who she also met on the show. The dental assistant recently apologized for making jokes about Glaze’s sexuality in leaked text messages.

“Love Is Blind” Season 4 is available to stream on Netflix.

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