Louis Vuitton’s Mobile Shops Brings The Luxury Stores To Millionaires’ Doors

Times are certainly changing, and the ongoing global pandemic has forced many industries to not only pivot, but to entirely change course in order to keep afloat and keep their customers engaged and satisfied. Louis Vuitton has taken this mode of thinking to a whole new level.

Be ready to shop with exclusivity. Rather than losing out on their high end clientele, they’ve opted for a new-age concept that both adapts to the needs of their clientele, and also continues to generate revenue during a time that most companies find themselves suffering. The Louis Vuitton Mobile Luxury Shop is now available to cater to luxury shopping desires, and they’ll come right to the doorstep of their shoppers, accommodating everyone as though they were an A-Lister.

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Coined by Vogue Magazine as being a mobile boutique shopping experience, this could easily become the new-age shopping experience that sticks around far longer than the pandemic does.

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Just because the stores are closed, doesn’t mean consumers have to give up on their luxury shopping experiences. While the rate of online shopping has dramatically increased in recent months, it’s just not quite the same as being able to touch and feel the luxurious threads and fabrics of the world’s top luxury brands.

LV By Appointment is bridging the gap by sending pre-booked luxury trailers full of Louis Vuitton items, to accommodate their client’s shopping experience. Fox News reports that: “Simply by stepping outside of their front door, clients will find a robust and individualized selection, including new collections and rare pieces, providing a level of customization unparalleled in the industry.”

That’s not even the best part of the shopping experience. Shoppers will be thrilled to know that upon booking the mobile unit, they have an opportunity to declare their wish list, thereby custom tailoring the shopping experience to entirely suit their personal needs.

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For the moment, this mobile experience has begun in Los Angeles’ West Coast and is targeted to make its way through to Orange County later this spring.

Having a private Louis Vuitton shopping truck come right to your driveway sure seems like a lavish way of living, and this will most definitely impress both the shopper, and the neighbors and onlookers as well.

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If you’re curious about what this mobile unit is like, you can expect opulence at every turn. Keeping up with the brand’s incredibly high standards, Vogue describes the Louis Vuitton mobile unit as having “glass siding, quilted walls, creme carpeting, and a treasure trove of Louis Vuitton goodies inside.” They go on to say; “the souped-up trailer promises to bring the delight of shopping at a Louis Vuitton boutique to your driveway.”

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