Loose Women viewers mock Chizzy Akudolu during past life regression

Actress Chizzy Akudolu claims to have been a soldier and a widowed farmer in past lives after being hypnotised on Loose Women – but viewers are NOT convinced

  • Chizzy Akudolu, 45, underwent past life regression on Tuesday’s Loose Women 
  • She was told that she had once been a medieval solider in heavy armour
  • She then discovered she was later a farmer and father of a son whose wife died 
  • Viewers mocked the reading, with one tweeting that she’ll ‘believe anything’

Actress Chizzy Akudolu underwent hypnosis on Loose Women on Tuesday – to find out who she used to be in past lives.

The Holby City actress, 45, was told that she was once a medieval soldier, and a farmer who lost his wife, after undergoing ‘past life regression’ on the show.  

The experience had Chizzy convinced, and she even became emotional at one point as she ‘remembered’ who she had been in her former life.

The moment was mocked by Loose Women viewers, with one tweeting: ‘People will believe anything!’

While under hypnosis Chizzy described to the hypnotherapist how she was wearing armour and carrying a spear, and later said she was eating dinner with her blonde wife and their child. 

Chizzy Akudolu, 45, underwent a past life regression with a hypnotist on Tuesday’s episode of Loose Women (pictured)  to find out who she was in her past lives

Past life regression is a form of hynotherapy which practioners claim helps people find out about the lives they lived before they were born as their current self.

In a video recorded prior to Tuesday’s show, Chizzy put on a sleep mask before she was hypnotised and asked questions about her life and family.

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The unnamed hypnotist then told Chizzy to imagine she was getting out of a car and into her past life, and asked her what she could see.

She described being a medieval-era solider called Henry, who was at a castle watching a man eat meat and drink wine. 

The moment was mocked by Loose Women viewers on Twitter (pictured), with one tweeting: ‘People will believe anything!’

What is past-life regression?  

Past life regression uses hypnosis to recover are memories of former lives or incarnations.  

The idea of past lives dates back to ancient India, and it is mentioned in the upanishads – Sanskrit texts that feature some of the central concepts of Hinduism.

In the second century BC, the Hindu scholar Patanjali wrote about the soul being burdened with karma of previous lives and advocated ‘prati-prasav’ or past-life regression to address these issues by remembering them. 

The process is widely rejected by clinical psychiatrists and psychologists, saying that the use of hypnosis and leading questions can create ‘false memories’. 

Chizzy said: ‘The sky’s cloudy but it’s blue as well. I’ve got on armour, I’m male, white. I’ve got a long staff with a spear and I’m at a castle. It’s quite big and there are other soldiers sharpening their weapons, it’s too big, the armour’s too big.’

The hypnotist then asked her to describe another past life and she revealed she had also been a farmer who had a son and a wife, who died young.

She continued: ‘I’m eating dinner with my wife who is blonde and I have one child, I can’t work out how old he is. There’s a fire, table and a rocking chair. I think I’m a farmer, I’ve got grounds, lots of plants; carrots and potatoes. I have cows, I have a horse and a plow. I just farm. 

‘My wife makes butter. I think she’s sick, she’s just coughed up some blood. She’s going to die, she dies. I go into the town and the women all want to marry me. I sit on the porch and smoke my pipe. I die on the veranda, very old but not physically old.’

When the clip ended, presenter Ruth Langsford explained that the show had chosen not to air the rest of the reading because Chizzy had become upset.

Chizzy claimed to see flashes of her past life that told her she was once a medieval soldier and then a farmer who lost his wife during the hypnosis. Pictured: Chizzy on Loose Women on Tuesday

Loose Women decided not to show the whole clip because Chizzy became emotional and cried after her reading. Pictured: Chizzy under hypnosis

The clip left Loose Women viewers scratching their heads, with some accusing it of being ‘fake’.

One tweeted: ‘ Chizzy didn’t have a past life, she had a dream.

‘What on earth are we witnessing right now?’ another posted.

A third said: ‘I once had a past life regression. It turns out I was less gullible in my past life.’ 

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