Lindsay Lohan Reveals THE CORRECT WAY To Pronounce Her Last Name on TikTok


Yes, you’ve been saying Lindsay Lohan’s last name wrong this whole time… and how could you not unless you had like ESPN or something.

The “Mean Girls” actress made her TikTok debut on February 7, and since then fans and followers have been spiraling after realizing that they’ve been mispronouncing her name for years.

Lohan greeted her followers with a quick message, “Hey everyone, it’s Lindsay Lohan, and guess what? Now I’m on TikTok!” captioning her post, “I’m on Tiktok now! #imontiktoknow.”

The 35-year-old’s introduction had fans realizing that the proper pronunciation of Lohan’s last name included a phonetic emphasis in the “o” in her surname instead of the stress in the “a”.

“Have I been pronouncing your name wrong my entire life? I thought it was LoHAAAN,” one user asked under her video.

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Another wrote, “Wait. Lindsey ‘LOWEN’?!? I’VE BEEN SAYING IT WRONG MY WHOLE LIFE?!?”

One follower even issued an apology, “Im sorry i’ve said your name wrong my entire life.”

Her debut on TikTok comes after her decision to step out of the limelight to find her inner peace.

In an interview with “Good Morning America” earlier this month, the actress discussed moving forward and returning to Hollywood following her troubles in the past.

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When asked how she got to where she is now, Lohan said, “I think it takes time — just really a lot of soul searching and taking time for you. And really, a lot of it was change of scenery, people, places and things — a lot of that made a big difference.”

“Not filming for so long and not, you know, making movies for a long time, especially during the pandemic, that really made me appreciate it more and miss it so much more that I knew I was ready to come back,” she added. “I just feel really lucky and blessed.”

As for how she keeps her physical and mental health in check, the “Parent Trap” actress credits her fitness regimen.

“We love the physical results of exercise but we forget about the mental wellness side of exercise, you know, stress reduction,” she said. “I really take time and make sure — I have my routine set each day which really is important to me.”

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