Libra Valentine’s Day 2021 horoscope: How Libra will be spending Valentine’s Day

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Libra – the sign or partnership and marriage – is ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty, making them the ultimate relationship people. Whether you’re single or in a relationship you’ll be feeling romantic this Valentine’s Day, Libra. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her Libra Valentine’s Day 2021 predictions.

Ruled by Venus, it would be difficult for Libra to be indifferent about matters of the heart.

Bex said: “Libra’s in love are confident, alluring and seductive. You can also be pretty flirty – in fact, famously so.

“Libra’s charm knows no bounds when you set your eyes on the subject of your adoration.”

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Even though Libras love relationships, they don’t jump into commitments too quickly.

Bex said: “It can take Libras a while to make up their mind about someone, and they don’t tend to leap in headfirst.”

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, Bex said: “as the sign of the scales you need to form a balanced opinion and weigh up all pros and cons!”

One of the things for a Libra to watch for is codependency, Bex noted.

She explained: “When you do commit to someone, you can fall hard.

“This means you can become obsessed with the idea of settling down with a partner – so much so that boundaries can get blurred and you may even forsake your own comfort to keep the peace and harmony.”

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If you’re in a relationship with Libra or thinking about getting into one, you need to always be on top form to keep them.

Bex said: “If you want to make it with a Libra, it’s all about presenting yourself well – both physically and as a match for their witty nature.

“Turn up, look sharp, and have something interesting to say! They also value politeness and old-school manners.

“Oh, and Libra will have no time for insecurities or jealousies. They’re the social butterflies of the zodiac and won’t appreciate having their wings clipped!”

Single Librans won’t be completely alone this Valentine’s Day, you’ll find someone to chat to.

Bex said: “Surprise surprise Libra – you’re feeling full of flirtations and especially attractive right now. Have some fun with it!”

If you’re in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, show your other half your best side.

Bex said: “This is the ideal transit for showing your partner how much of a catch you are! Dazzle with charm but avoid any drama.”

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