‘KUWTK’: Kim Reveals Why She Finally Decided To Forgive Tristan For Cheating On Khloe

Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal is still weighing hard on everyone’s mind during the Nov. 25 episode of ‘KUWTK’ — and Kim has a hard time making nice with him after the drama!

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson return to California for the first time since his cheating scandal on the Nov. 25 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and it leads to come awkwardness with her sister, Kim Kardashian. Before Khloe’s big return, Kim finds out Tristan blocked her on Instagram, and calls her sis to discuss the situation. “When I see him, I’m going to, like, spin on him,” Kim admits. “Whatever, I’ll save it all for him. I won’t stress you out.” The whole idea DOES stress Khloe out, though, and she tells Kim she is worried about bringing Tristan around when they’re back in town.

“I know Khloe wants us to be cool with Tristan when they get back,” Kim says in her confessional. “But I still hold this resentment towards him.” Khloe explains that she is still working out her own issues with Tristan, but wanted her daughter, True Thompson, to having as much “bonding time” as possible with him, which is why she stuck around after everything that went down. However, since she knows Kim isn’t so quick to forgive, she’s in quite an uncomfortable situation. “Kim and Tristan have not even been in the same room together since they had that talk in Cleveland,” she explains. “It’s just awkward for me and I’m in a very uncomfortable position. I don’t know how they’re both going to act. What is going to happen when they get face to face?!”

Khloe keeps Kim and Tristan apart as long as possible, but eventually Kim is over it. “I don’t want to have any more distance,” she says. “I want to hang out with our babies and spend time with my sister. I’m going to extend an olive branch because that’s really all I can do.”

Kim finally approaches Tristan when she pays a visit to Khloe, and instead of bringing up the cheating, she starts rambling on about pickleball. “I have no idea how to even start a conversation with Tristan,” she admits. “Pickleball was the first thing that popped into my head. It was super awkward, but he’s an athlete, so I thought maybe talking about sports would be common ground.”

In the end, Kim decides to forgive Tristan and put the past behind her. “I realize that…why am I fighting this fight if no one else is?” she explains. “I’m not going to spend my time angry at someone else for something they didn’t do to me. I’m going to move on if that’s what Khloe chooses to do. I’m going to be supportive of her. It’s a work in progress, but it is really important to move forward. We’re a close family. We’re one big family and you have to move on and get over it.”

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