Knives Rolls Are the Perfect Place to Store Your Cooking Knives

Whether you’re considered the head chef in your household or just want somewhere more secure to store your knives, a knife roll is a must-have. Putting knives in a wood block or loose in a drawer can feel a little dangerous to parents. The kids might not be able to get to them now, but in a few years, they’ll be in easy reach for little hands. Plus, loose knives moving around a drawer can even be unsafe for adults. The best knife rolls have 10 or 11 slots for kitchen knives, along with a few extra pockets for cooking utensils. The rolls are made out of canvas or other heavy-duty material, ensuring that the knives won’t puncture through the rolls. You lie the roll flat when you put your knives in, roll it up and stow it away when you’re done. The bags make it look unassuming, and you can put it high out of reach.

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